Your Thoughts are The Seeds of Your Destiny

Your Thoughts are The Seeds of Your Destiny

Your Thoughts are The Seeds of Your Destiny
Your Thoughts are The Seeds of Your Destiny

Here is one truth that you cannot avoid in search of success: Your thoughts are the seeds of your destiny. In my book, Your Mind is the Genesis of Your Destiny, I go to great lengths to elucidate the fact that your mind is the catalyst behind every result or outcome of your life. You are who you are and where you are based on the way that you have thought consistently. No matter how much you attempt to escape this reality, it will be there waiting on you when you look up.

Countless leaders and philosophers have confirmed this one truth, in fact, the one thing that every leader throughout history, every person who is considered remarkably successful and every person who has apprehended power and influence have in common is that they believe that you are what you think. Whatever you think about consistently, you will inevitably become.

There is no strategy on earth that is effective enough to overcome limiting beliefs. Your beliefs will set your boundaries and the only way that you will move beyond those boundaries is to change those beliefs.

“Nothing is impossible to those who decide upon possibility. The universe responds by becoming the thing you determine shall be. The framework of your preconceived notions is your only limitations. These are subject to change at a moment’s notice when you have arrived at a new decision.” ~ William Walker Atkinson

Your beliefs are actually decisions that were made during a past experience that defined how you interpreted that experience — the meaning that you gave it. Your beliefs are memories of your interpretations of past experiences. In order to change your limiting beliefs, you must be willing to redefine the past experience, giving it a new meaning; thereby, creating a new belief. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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