7 Powerful Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

7 Powerful Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach
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7 Powerful Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

The title of this article could easily be “The Top 20 Life-Altering Benefits of hiring a Professional Life Coach.” But, you would probably not read it all of the way through, so I decided to publish an abridged version of an almost endless list of benefits you gain when you hire a qualified professional life coach.

Before examining the benefits of hiring a life coach, it is probably best to define what the term means. One of the reasons that I rarely refer to myself as a life coach is that the term has become so generalized and almost anyone can take an online course to become one that the term has lost a significant amount of its significance. However, there are some remarkable life coaches out there that are capable of producing exceptional results. While more often refer to myself as a life strategist and performance expert, I still fall under the category of a life coach. A life coach is someone who has the skillset and expertise to help train and teach you how to achieve the goals and aspirations that you have for your life in the most time-effective and efficient manner possible.

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What qualifies me as a life strategist and performance expert is 30 years in the fields of psychology, neuro-associative conditioning, neuro-linguistic programming, psycho-cybernetics, quantum physics, and more. Not to mention more than 30 years of success in the business world. Each coach is different and they bring a unique skill set to the table. “Life coach” is a term coined by Tony Robbins — a term he now hates, for the same reason I tend to shy away from when defining myself — the field has become watered down.

With all things being equal and based on the assumption that the life coach you hire is competent for that which they are being hired to do, there are some immensely powerful benefits associated with hiring a life coach. Following are seven of the most powerful benefits of hiring a life coach.

  1. A Good Life Coach Provides Clarity

A common obstacle to consistent success is ambiguity. It isimportant to develop a clear vision of what it is you want in life or it willbe extremely difficult to achieve. After all,how will you know you have reached your goal if you are not clear as to what itis? A life coach will help to develop a lucid perspicacity and vivid image ofwhat you are aspiring to accomplish. One of the first questions I ask myclients is, “what outcome are you expecting or looking for?” What are you hopingto gain by working with me? If they cannot answer this question, then this iswhere we start — developing a clear vision of the future.

2. Help Strengthen Your Personal Foundation

I often say that you don’t get what you want but who you become. If you desire a better life, it will require that you make some changing — that you achieve a consistent rate of growth. In order to create a lasting change, it will require a strong and stable foundation. Alife coach or life strategist will help you build that foundation so that youcan consistently build on top of it as you move forward.

3. Help You Identify Poor Thinking Habits

Your thoughts are the seeds of your destiny, and if you wantto change your life, this is where you have to start. At the most simplifiedlevel, your life is a result of your thinking. As a man or woman thinks so they become. Believe it or not, you areliving in the consequences and circumstances of your past thoughts. A good lifecoach will help you identify erroneous thought patterns and counterproductive paradigms that are not conducive to reaching the desired results.

4.  Accountability

Personal accountability is high on my list of priorities when working with my clients. First, there has to be personal accountability where a person is accountable to themselves for following through on what they say they are going to do. Next, they must be accountable to those who they care about. Finally, they must be accountable to there coach, who will remind them of the commitments they have made. A good coach will keep the vision in front of you and demand that you honor your commitment to reaching it.

5. Focus + Action = Results

A key element of benefitting from life coaching is shortening your steps or shortening thelearning curve. The goal is to intensify your focus and apply action that isguiding by your focus. When you combine focus and action, you will begin to seeresults that align with your goals. The goal is to reduce the trial and erroraspect of the push toward success. A good life coach will definitely help inthat area. There is no use tripping over obstacles when you don’t have to.

6. Rebuild or Reconstruct Your Self-Image

If there is one thing that I have learned in my years of applying psycho-cybernetics to the training process I use with my clients, itis the fact that if a person has a marred or negative self-image, it will be impossible to achieve the type of change that is conducive of consistent and long-term success. A person’s self-image is the bar that sets what they expectfrom themselves. Often, it will be necessary to help a person reconstruct amore powerful self-image that is capable of accomplishing the goals that are apart of a higher standard of excellence.

7. Help You Identify Your Purpose

There are very few things in life more frustrating in attempting to find fulfillment outside of your purpose. Yet, more than 85 percent of people in the United States are doing this daily. Working with a life coach will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as your area of genius. When you discover your purpose, things simply make more sense, even the difficult moments. Understanding your purpose is an integral part of my training process. I tell my clients that once they discover their purpose it will make sense of their pain.

I consider myself to be an exceptional life strategist, and yet, I work with a coach. No one knows everything and having someone else who is aware of your vision working on it with you is immensely powerful.

The seven benefits listed here are by no means exhaustive. No matter where you are attempting to get in life, working with a qualified life coach will shorten the journey and make the journey more enjoyable.

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