Guard Your Vision: Stop Asking Spiritually Blind People to Proofread Your Vision

Guard Your Vision: Stop Asking Spiritually Blind People to Proofread your Vision

You must learn to guard your vision with all diligence! In the realm of dreams and aspirations, there exists an invisible thread that connects us to the vast universe of possibilities. It is a thread woven with hope, fueled by passion, and nurtured by unwavering belief. But along this path of self-discovery and manifestation, there exists a cautionary tale, a lesson learned through the ages: one of the worst things you can do is ask a spiritually blind person to proofread and approve your vision.

Imagine, if you will, a person devoid of the capacity to see beyond the surface of life, imprisoned within the shackles of skepticism and limited perception. Their eyes are veiled, unable to discern the radiance of your dreams, the brilliance of your ideas, and the potential hidden within your soul. They navigate a world solely governed by tangible evidence, dismissing the intangible forces that shape our existence.

As you unveil your vision to such a person, their response becomes tainted by their spiritual blindness. They may mock, belittle, or question the validity of your aspirations, for their senses fail to grasp the vast tapestry of the universe that weaves itself intricately into our lives. Their skepticism may cast shadows of doubt upon the flame of your passion, dimming its light and obscuring the path you once tread with confidence.

To seek approval from a spiritually blind person is akin to handing a masterpiece to one who cannot comprehend art. It invites criticism from a deaf ear to seek validation from a muted voice. Their feedback, however well-intentioned, is anchored in the limited realm of their perception, blind to the boundless potential that lies within and around you.

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Instead, turn your gaze towards those who possess the gift of spiritual sight. Seek solace in the company of kindred souls who understand the language of dreams and the power of the unseen. Surround yourself with those who have embarked upon their own journeys of self-discovery, for they shall not only believe in your vision but also inspire you to cultivate it further.

In the grand tapestry of life, our dreams and aspirations are the brushstrokes that paint our destinies. Embrace the truth within your heart, and let it guide you toward those who can see beyond the physical realm. For in their presence, your vision shall flourish, nurtured by their understanding and nourished by their wisdom.

Remember, dear dreamer, that your vision is a sacred flame only those with the eyes to see shall appreciate. Protect it from the gusts of disbelief and skepticism, for it is your gift to the world, waiting to be unveiled. Trust in yourself, trust in the power of your dreams, and seek the guidance of those who can truly perceive the brilliance that lies within you.

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