Elevation through Revelation

Elevation through Revelation
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Life can become overwhelming for the most mature of Christian warriors. There can be those moments in which the pressure can be so intense and the storm seems quite vehement. It is these moments that you simply need a word to encourage, inspire and empower. With this in mind I decided to compile some of my work in one place. I wanted to create a resource that believers could pick up and read and feel the joy that I felt the day that the Holy Spirit placed the words in my heart. 

Elevation through Revelation is the result of that endeavor. If the messages that you find in the book has the impact on you that in the same manner that they touched so many others, you will truly be blessed. I encourage you to ingest the words; meditate on them, and let them fill the voids that have been created by abandonment, disappointment, and delay. Let these messages lift you as they reveal your identity and your right to live life victoriously within the will of God. 

The Book can be used as a read through, devotional, Bible Study, or meditational guide. I would encourage you to engage this book beyond the superficial reading; take it underline passages, and highlight others. Grab your Bible and the messages minister to you. I know oh so well how difficult it can be to engage the vicissitudes of life. I understand the pain associated with disappointment. A number of these passages were written while in the furnace of tribulation and darkness of despondency. God ministers to me as he feeds me through the revelation of His Word.

The enemy would have you to believe that you are helpless to your circumstances, but God wants you to know that a very heavy price has been paid so that you can walk in victory. You are a part of the Royal Family of God. You have been designed for greatness with a particular plan and destiny in mind. You have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which provides the anointing that empowers your walk. So I encourage you to take this book with the purpose of regaining your footing and strengthening resolve to engage the enemy and your struggles with the confidence that God is control and that he is working out everything for your good. Be blessed.

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