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15 Markets that Pay 10 Cents
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This eBook identifies more than 15 markets that pay freelance writers a minimum of 10 cents per word published. The reason I have taken the time to compile this list is to provide a resource for freelancers who are attempting to get their writing careers off the ground. It is my hope that writing this book will allow writers to avoid some of the pitfalls that I encountered when I entered the market.

There are a great deal of writing platforms out there that are known as content mills. These platforms are designed to produce high volumes of content for clients at unbelievably low rates. In order to accomplish this, they pay their writers fractions of what their work is actually worth. If you are a freelance writer or you aspire to be, I hope that the information provided in this book will help you avoid certain obstacles such as content mills.

If you land just one assignment this book will have pad for itself 10 time over.

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