Renewing Your Mind: The Dynamics of Christian Transformation

Renewing Your Mind
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Dr. Wallace goes into great detail concerning the dynamics of Christian transformation in this book. He takes the reader through a step by step process of understanding how what they think impacts what they do. He goes beyond the basics to examine the premise: You are what you think all the way to the mental attitude in conflict.

If you have ever yearned to have a blueprint for change and transformation, you will want to read this book as well as follow his personal series. Renewing Your Mind: The Dynamics of Christian Transformation is a refreshing and invigorating treatise on transformation and change. Take a journey that will lead you to the renewing of your mind and dynamic transformation.

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Listen to what Dr. Wallace has to say on the matter:

Renewing Your Mind2As I observe the plight of the modern day Christian, I see believers that are consumed by the darkness around them. I see professed Christians that have bought into the secular world views that dominate our society. As followers of Christ we have been given some powerful and infallible assets in order to walk this ethereal journey with efficacy; however, when our thinking is conformed to the thought processes of those in the world, we lose our power. There are so many believers that are walking around defeated and overwhelmed by their circumstances. There are too many believers that are being tossed by every wind of doctrine. Instead of being guided and sustained by the Word of God, we have become a people driven by emotions. 

Too often, I meet Christians that are just waiting for the next great motivating sermon, only to have their emotions wane over the next several days. Once the emotion has waned, the believer is back to square one in attempting to deal with all that is going on in their lives. So somewhere around Tuesday or Wednesday they began to yearn for the next motivational explosion from their Pastor. Don’t get me wrong, you should be yearning the teaching of the Word. The problem is not yearning for the next sermon. The problem is that in some way this believer is not absorbing or inculcating what is being taught by the pastor, they have gotten caught up in the emotion of it all. It is not the emotion that sustains; it is the Word of God; its promises, its guidance, its revelation of Christian identity and its assets. 

Romans 12: 2 is one of the most oft quoted scriptures in the Bible, yet it is one of the most misunderstood and rarely executed of all scriptures. It is my objective in this short book to unveil the true meaning and power that is revealed in this scripture, to open up the source of true transformation and elevation within the Christian life. 

I will be drawing from a number of scriptural passages to set the ground work for this revelation to be unveiled. My ultimate goal will be to get you to understand that “you are what you think”. Although you are judged by your overt behavior, your behavior is determined by your thought processes. 

So many people wonder why they continue to find themselves in the same situations perpetually. The answer is simple, whether it is financial ruin, relational issues, emotional issues, or psychological struggles, the answer is in the way you think. If you want to change your perpetual situations, change the way you think perpetually.

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