Living In a Hostage Situation

Living In a Hostage Situation

Living In a Hostage Situation

Living In a Hostage Situation
Living In a Hostage Situation

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Living in a Hostage Situation

There are far too many people that are victims of ongoing hostage situations. They are being held hostage by their past failures, past traumatic experiences, the wrongs of others towards them and so much more. They struggle to move forward but they refuse to deal with their past and then release it.

Some of you are sitting around still holding on to a hurt caused by someone you loved and trusted years ago. Maybe you are simply waiting for that person to admit that they were wrong and apologize. Here is the truth: they may never admit they did anything wrong and it is likely that they will never apologize, but that is because of an internal issue that they have. It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

If you are waiting for someone from your past to make amends, you may be waiting for the rest of your life. You need to process what happened and then put it behind you. The weight you are carrying from your past is holding you down. Your past hurts are literally holding you hostage. You are emotionally and psychologically under siege.

Instead of living life, you have been doing time, just doing whatever it takes to get by. There is nothing that you are pushing or striving for, you are just trying to get through each day. You have got to break free and become what your design demands of you. Your design is indicative of your purpose — study it and embrace it. Your design is filled with the potential to accomplish extraordinary and phenomenal things, but you must break free from the psychological and emotional chains of your past.

In many instances, you are being held hostage by memories of people who have moved on with their lives. They may not even be the same person anymore, but you have allowed yourself to become trapped in a holding pattern because you refuse to free yourself from the hurt.

Pay very close attention to what I am about to convey here. Pain and suffering are distinctly different. Pain in this life is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. Suffering happens when you choose to identify with your pain — when your pain becomes a part of your identity. Suffering transforms you into a victim. Suffering is the perpetual state of misery you experience when you refuse to release the past to embrace the possibilities of the future.

Some of you were molested and abused as children, and as horrific as that is, you have to take ownership of your life and reclaim the power and innocence that was stolen from you. You don’t do that by constantly pointing back to what was done, you do it by actualizing the potential that is inherent within your physical and spiritual DNA.

Some of you were betrayed by a lover you trusted and that betrayal tore your heart apart, and you now find it hard to trust and love anyone else. It is time to love again and love hard and free. You reclaim your power by reclaiming what was stolen in that moment of betrayal.

Some of you are still struggling with the fact that you didn’t know your father, or maybe both parents abandoned you, and that really hurts. I know because I have been there; however, the worst thing you can do in this situation is to become a hostage to the sins and failures of your parents. You were not a mistake nor an accident, the purpose of your presence here is DIVINE in nature. It is time to rescue your destiny from the pits of your past hurts. It is time to live life at the level of your design.

Have an awesome day,

Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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