How To Join the Top Five Percent of Achievers in this World

How To Join the Top Five Percent of Achievers in this World

The examination of statistical data coupled with experiential observation has brought me to the conclusion that there is a huge gap between the top five percent of the performer and the rest of the world. Based on certain statistical data, human performance can be broken down into groups. In order to make this easy to understand as well as making the playing field level. We will say that a group of 100 men from similar backgrounds and equal education start their professional careers at age 25. Where do you think they will end up by age 65?

Let’s take a look at what the statistics suggest concerning the realities of these men by age 65.

  • 1 will end up rich (experiencing complete financial freedom)
  • 4 will experience financial independence (no longer having to work to support their lifestyle
  • 5 will still be working (not of passion but out of necessity
  • 36 will be dead
  • 54 will be dependent (on someone else or someform of an agency or organization)

So, only five percent of the group will earn a passing grade in the area of finance over the course of their lives.

Side note: Depending on which study is used, the statistics should be given a margin of error of two percent.

What is the common denominator with those who make up the five percent of exceptionally successful people in the world? Simply put, they are not conformist. While the non-conformist isfrowned upon in most sectors of society, they are generally the ones who excel.The non-conformist does not look around them to observe what others arethinking so they can follow suit.

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We live in a world of conformity. We are literally trained and conditioned to conform, even leading to us insisting on others to conform as well. The predominance of the public education experience is focused on developing conformity in thinking and behavior. People who land in the top five percent have learned to think for themselves — to entertain thoughts and ideas that are outside of the box of commonality.

The top five percent are those who have been constantly reminded that they are not being realistic.

“Being realistic is the quickest path to mediocrity.” ~ Will Smith

I often hear people complaining about the level of competition in a particular market. Most people will not enter the world ofentrepreneurship because they fear competition.

Do you know why competition exists at such high levels in the world? Because everyone is thinking and doing what someone else is thinking and doing. Very few people are exploring the unique potential embedded in their unique design.

Life is a complete thing — having a beginning, a middle, and an end. The end will be determined by what you do in the middle. Most people see the end or later years of their lives as a point of decline and something to fear and dread. This fear and dread are usually due to the fact that they did not properly plan for the end. When you see the value in your life and you pour into the work you do, there is no limit to what you can accomplish and the later years will prove to be the best years.

We live in a world in which people are conditioned to believe that there is a greater honor in one type of job than there is in another. The value and honor are not in the job or the work you do, but in how you view and approach it. I have seen attorneys and doctors struggle financially and never accomplish anything of significance. I have also seen more than one person start out on fries at McDonald’s and end up owning a McDonald’s franchise. What is the difference? One person had a mindset of excellence and excelling and the other simply sought to exist in a world that someone else established with no endgame in mind.

I encourage you to start to think outside of the box. Stop allowing yourself to be confined to the reality and ideas of others. When you study the path of the most successful people in history, they all decided to do what others thought was crazy or impossible. We fly around the world now because the Wright brothers decided to engage the impossible. We talk to people around the world in real time because someone decided it was possible despite being told they were not being realistic.

We now understand Einstein’s theory of relativity but that is only because he refused to accept that he was crazy and he thought for himself. As long as you continue to operate within the parameters of someone else’s reality, you will never fully experience life at the level of yourdesign.

Instead of following someone else’s chain of thought, why not determine that you are going to get out in front of the trend. Instead of following something someone else created, you are going to come up with the solution to an existing problem — allowing you to write your own ticket.

How much do you know about your industry? Could you be considered an expert in your industry? In as little as three years, you can become an expert in your field, and it is the experts who are paid handsomely. Learn to see beyond the job in order to see how your unique imprint can literally reshape the way the world sees what you do. The value is not in the job, it is in what you invest in the job. You are the X-factor.

One of the greatest failures of mankind is that we refused to prospect the unlimited potential of our minds. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

4 Ways To Take Back Your Freedom and Step Into Total Prosperity

4 Ways To Take Back Your Freedom and Step Into Total Prosperity

4 Ways To Take Back Your Freedom and Step Into Total Prosperity


For a long time, I knew that prosperity was my divine right. However, it did not seem to be my experience. Between faulty religious beliefs and manipulative family traditions, I seemed to have shut down my ability to create prosperity. It took deliberately choosing freedom and deliberately turning my back on some of the ideas I grew up with, in order to fully own my divine ability to create a great life. Prosperity is your divine right as well, if you will claim it but are you allowing yourself to claim all you desire? Here are 4 ways to take back your freedom and step into total all round prosperity.


Your desires are sacred. they were planted within you by the Divine when you were created. You were to be the channel through which the Divine experienced that desire. What do you desire? Get clear on it. Whip out your journal and write an unfiltered list. Do not judge what you desire. Just let it be. And then make a commitment to bring it all to life. NO, you do not need to know exactly how at this point, you simply need to decide that it is happening in your lifetime. Have you decided?


When you started to make your desire list, did you filter it down? Did you decide that somethings were unworthy of your attention? Did you get caught up in religious dogma that tells you what you are allowed to desire? Question some of the ideas that you have taken on from parents, teachers, religious organizations or anywhere. As I said in the earlier point, your desires are scared and they are yours to create if you will simply say ‘yes’. However, you may have lots of conflicting beliefs that keep you from simply stepping on the deliberate path to your desires. It is time to notice them and eliminate them. A simple question I get clients to ask themselves is “Does this thought help or hinder?” and if it hinders, for whatever reason, then it is time to question the thought and eliminate. Sometimes, the thoughts are precious to you because you have had these ideas for a long time. You may even believe that these ideas are sacred, more sacred than your desires. But it is hardly ever true. they are just beliefs that were conditioned into you and you can choose to get rid of them. It all starts with awareness. So, get aware of what may be holding you back.

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OK, so you have your desires and you have begun to eliminate the things that will prevent you from getting to them. The next phase is to get very deliberate internally about the creation of these desires. Consider what life will be like when you are ‘there’, and write down a few affirmations that represent that state. Use gratitude language to do it. For example, “I am so grateful that I now _______” Something about gratitude makes it feel like a done deal and that is the feeling you are going for. Notice what your subconscious mind is doing when you say these affirmations. If it seems to put up too much of a fight, tweak the affirmation until you come to something that seems a stretch from where you are but not so much of a stretch that your subconscious is completely unwilling to believe it.


And then there is the physical action that you need to take. As you affirm your way to your desires, keep asking the question of your intuition “What is the best thing I can do next to bring my desire into physical reality?” or if you have successfully achieved the internal feeling of your desire fulfilled then you could use a slightly different question – “What did I do to get here?” and then take action on what comes up. Most people would suggest you have an ‘A-Z’ plan before you make a start but unless you are looking for some kind of external funding, I would not waste my time with that. The chances are that your actual journey will not be anything like your excitedly-created plan. Instead, learn to live intuitively. Get a feel for the next step and take it with full expectation that the step after that will reveal itself to you. This is tough for most people to do. You are not ‘most’ people. Dare to follow through on your intuition. Dare to trust that you will always have an idea as long as you take the internal limits off and choose to act fearlessly forward. As I said earlier, prosperity is your divine right and here is a simple plan to welcome it in. Which do you need to implement most? Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist feeling her life energy drain from her as she tried to keep up appearances. Finally, after bankruptcy and depression, she broke free by building her own successful real estate business. She then moved on to supporting others to realize their divinity and the ability it gives them to create whatever they desire. Download a free digital copy of my Amazon Bestselling Book – The Deliberate Millionaire FREEDOM Book: Live Free, Wealthy and on purpose

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