Understanding the Success Equation: Principes, Promises & Process

Understanding the Success Equation: Principles, Promise & Process


The Power of Paradigms ~ Breaking Free of Psychological Bondage

Understanding the Success Equation


As a behavioral specialist and life mastery strategist, I am often asked why to be people find it so hard to achieve the type of lifestyle they desire, whether they are looking to improve their marriages, build wealth, become an entrepreneur or more. The truth is that there multitudinous reasons why people fail to reach the levels they aspire to.

One of the most common causes of failure is that the individual will have limiting beliefs that work in diametric opposition to the goals they are setting. Anytime that you set a goal that is not in alignment with your core belief system, you place yourself in a state of immediate and constant internal conflict. Although you have decided on a goal and written it down, the limiting beliefs that are the result of your past life experiences and the meaning you gave them are working against you.

Your beliefs set your expectations and God and/or the Universe will never meet you beyond the level of your expectations. Your expectations for yourself become the parameter of your capacity to achieve. Until you change the limiting beliefs and raise your expectations and standards, you will never achieve beyond what your beliefs allow.

Another major cause for failure is that people don’t understand and embrace the principle of process. Most people are becoming aware that there are certain principles associated with success, and behind every principle is a corresponding promise. The problem is that most people want the promise but they want to circumvent the process.

One thing that I teach my clients is that process always precedes the promise. There can be no obtainment of the promise without there first being an endurance of the process. The problem is that most people balk at the process. They don’t want to deal with delay, disappointment, frustration, setbacks and all of the other hardships that are a part of the process necessary to produce the promise.

To exacerbate this train of thought, we live in microwave culture where everyone expects what they want now! When things don’t happen right now, people give up and try something else. They never give consideration that the things that are worth having will take the greatest effort and highest level of commitment. It is simple, if you are not willing to go the distance, you will never achieve those things that bring with them the highest level of fulfillment.

There must be a certain level of implacability associated with your push. You can be easily satisfied with mediocre and average accomplishment. You have to be willing to push inexorably through the difficult moments to achieve those extraordinary results.

Can you be exceptional? Is it possible to do the phenomenal? The answer is an unequivocal yes, but you have to be willing to go the distance, and you have to be willing to endure the process.

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The Importance of Mastering Your Emotions in Your Pursuit of Greatness

 Mastering Your Emotions in Your Pursuit of Greatness

Mastering Your Emotions
Mastering Your Emotions

I am an advocate of holistic mastery. As humans, we exist in multitudinous spheres of operation — emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. The challenge for most of us is that we rarely consider our entire being when we take introspective examinations of where we are currently at. While mastery of all of the spheres of existence is essential to optimizing our potential to perform in life, I always begin with teaching my clients to master their emotions. In fact, mastering your emotions is literally half the battle of mastering the other essential areas of human existence.

I always tell my Visonetics clients that their emotions are indicative mechanisms that are designed to inform them of their current reality. When you are sad, it is indicative of loss or disappointment in some way. If you are angry, it is indicative of having been wronged in some form or another. When you are happy, it is indicative of being satisfied. What is important when dealing with emotions is to understand that while they are indicative mechanisms, they were never meant to responsive catalysts. In other words, you should never allow your emotions to impact how you respond to your current reality.

Once your emotions reveal a current truth, you will need to have the capacity to use reason, logic and fortitude to determine how you will respond. Mastery of your emotions does not only entail being able to properly categorize their function, but it also includes being able to properly interpret them. When you are not able to properly interpret your emotions, you get false signals that tend to distort reality — making it difficult to determine the appropriate course of action.

When you are not able to properly interpret your emotions, you may interpret interpreting-eventsthat feeling that is driving you to lose weight as being motivated by superficial perception, rather than an internal desire to be in optimal physical condition, which will make you better prepared to pursue the goals associated with your dreams. When proper gravity is not assigned to a particular feeling, your response to that feeling will likely be in error. When you don’t have control over your emotions that same feeling can lead to an inferiority complex that associates your current fitness condition with your worth as a person.

In my Visionetics 2020 courses, it is my goal to teach my clients how to properly interpret their emotions, while keeping them in check. Far too many people are led by their emotions, and what I can tell you is that when you are led by your emotions, your decision making ability suffers significantly. You have to learn how to effectively interpret your emotions, and then respond from a position of logic.

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Now, it is important to understand that in order to achieve greatness, you will have to create a paradigmatic shift in what you consider to be logical. What I mean by this is that you cannot achieve that which do not believe you have the capacity to achieve. As for me, I believe that I can do anything that my mind can conceive, without exception. So when my emotions illuminate some type of situational or circumstantial truth to me, I always engage that reality with a mindset that I am capable of, not only overcoming it, but using it to catapult me forward. I see every situation as an opportunity to advance myself. I see adversity as the opportunity to invest and multiply my faith. I often say, “adversity is the fertile soil in which the seed of faith is planted and cultivated.” You cannot grow your faith and confidence without adversity.

When you are able to engage the difficult moments in life with an expectancy of rising out of it being better than when you went in. You have trained yourself how to win at life, despite your current situation. You have taught yourself how to fail your way to success.

Emotional mastery is the first step in developing the capacity to press inexorably through every obstacle in your life. When you master your emotions, you will overcome your proclivity to leave yourself at the mercy of external events in your life. When you master your emotions, you will have initiated the process of taking control of your own destiny — you will have begun to write the narrative of your own story. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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Visionetics 2020: 10 Rules for Success

Visionetics 2020: 10 Rules for Success

While it is important to develop goals, a plan and a strategy to help you in the pursuit of success, there are some internal elements and components that must be in place in order for you plans and strategies to be success in reaching your goals. You can have the best plan in the world. You can work with the best coaches and business strategists that money can buy. However, if you don’t have the internal discipline and organic passion associated with the following rules, success will continue to allude you.

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10 Rules for Success

1. Know exactly what you want
2. Work on your gift or genius
3. Accept no excuses from yourself
4. Make sure your value system is in alignment with your goals
5. Grind on G.P. ~ not for goals, but simply because it’s who you are
6. Educate yourself
7. Know your “why” ~ why are you grinding and pushing?
8. Create Boundaries for others and yourself
9. Be authentic and (transparent)
10. Make sure that you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe