Conquering Worry, Anxiety & Stress

The Force of Self-Doubt Can Complete Takeover Your Day in Seconds

In as little as five seconds, self-doubt can completely take over your day — robbing you of joy, power, and potential. However, in that same time frame, you can intentionally resist and conquer self-doubt while developing unshakeable confidence.

Confidence can be defined as the ability to move from concept (thought or idea) to action.

The pandemic confronting physical health is always chronicled and can be easily observed in conditions such as obesity; however, the pandemic of the mind is often marginalized and overlooked. For instance, suicide is the second leading cause of death for males from 10 to 34 and yet there are few discussions addressing mental health on a grand scale.

What is even more frustrating is the fact that a large portion of these suicides is preventable without the need for synthetic drugs.

We live in a world in which the most prevalent response to illness is pharmaceutical drugs. We are actually designed to heal ourselves and this includes mental illness and the mental conditions and thought processes that can contribute to mental decay.

Worry and Anxiety are two of the most devastating forces in the pandemic of the body and the brain. Worry and anxiety not only impact the mind but the body also keeps score and will rapidly disintegrate if worry and anxiety persist.

Anxiety is basically the mental habit of worrying spiraling out of control until the point in which worry manifests itself in the body to the point that you can literally feel it.

If you suffer from anxiety, you must first ensure that you are defining your condition accurately. You are not a worrier, you have a mental habit of worrying. Worry is simply a habit of thinking and behavior that consistently repeats itself in your life until it becomes a part of who you are. In order to conquer worry and anxiety, you must change your thinking patterns and reset your mindset.

So much of worry is the result of faulty paradigms — necessitating the need for a paradigmatic shift in perception. Instead of waking up to problems, wake up to your life with the expectation of living it to its fullest — regardless of your current circumstances and condition.

To change this state of perpetual worrying, you will need far more than positive thinking. You will need to interrupt the thinking pattern and create a positive alternative.

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