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I would like to take the time to personally welcome you to the Elevation & Empowerment 2014 Life Enhancement course. You are about to engage one of the most intense processes you have ever encountered. You will come face to face with some realities that may initially shake you at the core, but they are necessary in order to you to push through to the next level.

This course is about next-level living. Next-level living is living life at a level that is far beyond average and mediocre. It is about actualizing the potential of your divine design. It is about fulfilling your God-ordained purpose. For you, this may be the first time you become acquainted with your purpose, but when you become acquainted with your purpose, it will explain your pain, stabilize your movement and elucidate your path.

I personally look forward to working with you, and I look forward to all that God will do in your life. Dr. Rick Wallace

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Confidentiality Statement

As a client, all information you share about yourself will be kept confidential. Only with your written permission will information be released to anyone outside of the EAE 2014 except as required by law. Legal exceptions include the following:

  • clear and imminent danger to you or someone else
  • if there is a reasonable expectation that you will engage in dangerous conduct as defined by Illinois state statute
  • reasonable suspicion that a child or elder is currently being abused
  • a court order

 While your counselor (Dr. Rick Wallace Ph.D. unless otherwise specified) may consult with a colleague on certain matters, all staff members are ethically and legally bound to treat that information confidentially.

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