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In the world of physics, critical mass is the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction. In everyday life, critical mass is the size or amount of something required to start or maintain any venture. In the world of Visionetics, critical mass is achieved at the point in which all elements and components necessary to reach optimal performance in every area of life are reached. The primary components required to reach critical mass are a positive self-image, elevated self-esteem, self-confidence, the capacity to create and maintain an optimal state a lucid vision, and proper motive.

Critical Mass: The Phenomenon of Next-Level Living ~ Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a Heart Attack
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All of these components can manifest themselves in multitudinous forms, and each has its own complex makeup that consists of sub-elements that must be understood in order to optimize the capacity of that particular element. Critical Mass is a book that examines the totality of the performance spectrum and shows you how, regardless of background, past failures, educational level, socioeconomic status, etc., you can achieve anything that you are able to conceive in your mind.

At The Visionetics Institute, I have helped thousands of people achieve massive success in every area of their lives, including relationships, finance, business, personal fulfillment, self-empowerment, personal growth, and overall success. This book is the culmination of more than 30 years of research and experience in the areas of human behavior and personal performance and you can now benefit from access to the same principles I used to empower my clients.

Since its recent release, the book is priced at $34.99 on all distribution channels, including Barnes & Noble, Sony Books, Amazon, etc.; however, when you order the book here you will get it at the promotional price of $27.99.

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