Holistic 90-Day Challenge

This past week I embarked upon a 90-Day challenge in which my goal is to improve in every aspect of my life. This challenge is an odyssey in which I will endeavor to engage the Divine Creator at a much higher and committed level. I will also be looking to find the highest possible level of health, fitness and wellness. The combination of my spiritual and physical journey will culminate in a more balance state of mind and emotional functionality — driving me toward the fulfillment of my destiny.

This journey is a part of a design in which I will begin a cycle of challenges, each followed by a period of evaluation. This represents the understanding that life is a continuum on which you are constantly striving toward growth and enlightenment. It is the result of an erudite understanding that one has never arrived in the life. Growth and improvement is always possible.

I have decided to invite you to join me in this 90-day challenge. It doesn’t matter where you come in, but the commitment to start is what is important. The one thing that you must understand is the fact that change and elevation is not accomplished on a superficial level, but it is accomplished by honestly engaging those areas in your life that constitute weaknesses. It is about making honest assessments and committing to the effort necessary to see true change.

Dr. Rick Wallace

You will be challenged to put many of your preconceived notions concerning change aside. Mysticism will not work here. You will have to participate in your process of transformation. You will have to be willing to hold yourself accountable for where you are.

The one thing that I can promise you is that if you are committed to engaging the process without compromise or apprehension, you will experience change. There are no magic words or shortcuts that will get you to your destination. This is one trip in which you will be forced to take the scenic route, but the reward will be immeasurable. You have been seeking change; you have been yearning change. This is where change begins. Welcome! ~ Dr. Rick Wallace

Please note that this challenge will be resourced and chronicled on two separate sites: Master Fitness 21 and Visionetics 2020.

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