Mastering Money

Mastering Money

Welcome to the Mastering Money power course offered by The Visionetics Institute where you will have an opportunity to completely change your life. Mastering Money is not a get rich quick concept. There is no magic wand to wave around to change your fortune. The program is built on tried and proven principles that have worked for centuries. Principles that are recession-proof.

You will have to put in the work. You will have to be consistent, and you will definitely have to be disciplined. Mastering Money is my most affordable Year-long course to date but it does not skimp on value, quality, or resources. With the course, you will get:

~ 52 weeks of group support and instruction

~ Bi-weekly video webinars to talk about personal strategies and goal

~ Resources and material to teach foundational principles in finance

~ Debunking the myth that wealth is reserved for the few

~ The development of a personalized financial plan for the future

~ and more

Mastering money takes consistency, control and time.

If you are not 100% in it, you are bound to fail.

There are many reasons why many people have a hard staying in control of their money.

Although few would admit it, this is generally due to the “keeping up with the Joneses” effect. There are other reasons and we will cover them during the course. If your situation is somehow unique, we will examine it and come up with the best possible approach for you.

What Mastering money is not is a money management firm or paid financial adviser. At no time will you be asked to entrust your money with The Visionetics Institute or charged for financial advice. You will be exposed to the same principles that the wealthiest one percent in the world use. You will be introduced to individuals who made as little as $14,000 per year but retired being worth more than $70 million (Theodore Johnson) and a parking lot attendant who never earned more than $12/hr and retired with a net worth of more than a half-million dollars (Earl Crawley, or Mr. Earl as he is affectionally known). I will share with you the principles that led to my initial rise and my steady recovery since my setback (we all experience it, especially when we become careless and arrogant).

What I love about this course is that enrollees will be able to take their journey to financial stability and ultimately financial independence and beyond alongside others who are working toward the same thing. I will be sharing some moves I am making for my family and how it looks. I will invite others to come in to tell you how they achieved their success. The truth is that no matter where you are now, you can achieve financial independence.

This is a course that will also make a great gift for loved ones. It is time to stop complaining and to start taking action.

For the entire 12-month course, you will only have to pay a one-time registration fee of $1,200. That includes all course material and the bi-weekly sessions. When you consider that my Platinum Coaching course is $10,500, you will get an idea of the value of this course.

To initiate the enrollment process, simply click the Buy Now tab and make your payment. You will be contacted by our support team to initiate you into the program and subsequent be contacted by me to have your initial consultation.

Mastering Money 52-Week Program

Mastering Money 52-Week Program


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