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The Power Team Membership

Associate With Like-Minded People (AWLP)

The power team is a paid membership in which people who are aspiring to raise their level of living in any number of areas will be able to communicate and share, without the fear of being judged, and absent of the negativity that can be so prevalent in a normal environment. This group will be a place in which people can share, be held accountable, be counseled and be encouraged.

The Power Team ,Membership ~ Associating with Like-minded People
The Power Team ~ Associating with Like-minded People

The group will operate primarily as a forum in a closed group on Facebook; however, I will be holding a group video conference each week via Google Hangouts. This is where we will be able to air out our concerns and aspirations. I will begin each of the meetings with about 10 minutes of encouragement and then we will begin our discussion.



It is my hope that everyone, even those who will not be working with me on a one-on-one basis, will choose to join this group as a part of their initial commitment and investment in themselves.

The Power Team Membership ~ Associate with Like-minded People
Associate with Like-minded People

Once you pay your membership fee of $50 (per year), which I believe is reasonable, notify me by email at and you will be added to the membership list.

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