Visionetics 2020 Self-Concept Development

Visionetics 2020 Self-concept Development

Self-Concept Development
Self-Concept Development by Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

Self concept – is an idea of the self that is constructed based on beliefs and images one hold concerning oneself, as well as the perception of the responses and assessments of others.

The holistic self-concept consists of social assessments, values, beliefs, abilities & goals. Developing a positive self-concept is essential to the development of self-confidence, high self-esteem and a sense of purpose — all of which are vital to long-term consistent success in life!

Far too many people suffer from an identity crisis, for one reason or another. This identity crisis is highly disruptive to the process of personal growth and achievement. A person who is not clear as to who they are cannot possibly become acquainted with their purpose, and without purpose their is no authentic passion, and without passion the person will lack the drive to break through the barriers of resistance, delay and disappointment — missing the opportunity to experience true success.

Self-concept development by Rick Wallace, Ph.D.  is awesome for children and adults — helping them discover their own unique identity, while becoming introduced to their purpose.


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