Skills In High Demand Programs & Courses

Skills In High Demand Programs & Courses


Thank you for inquiring about the courses for high-demand skills. The skills are listed in the attached graphic are in very high demand. The Visionetics Institute is currently offering courses in each of these fields. The courses will be personally designed to fit your unique personality, goals, and desired entry into the industry of your choice. Some of the courses only take six months and are priced at $1,500 in total. Other courses are 12 months long and priced at $2,000. When you compare these costs to that of a four-year degree that does not guarantee employment and respectable pay, the value is obvious. 

Another element of this opportunity is the flexibility of the new job market. There are endless ways to enter each of these markets with each having its own benefits. We will discuss the different options as it pertains to market entry at the beginning of the course so that your personalized course will be designed to ensure you hit your goals and get the most out of your training. At least for the first month, Dr. Wallace will be designing and overseeing all of the courses, with the exception of coding and UX/UI designing. 

The focus of these course programs is to offer the general public an affordable option to prepare themselves to compete in a rapidly developing and an evolving job market where traditional education is no longer meeting the need. 

Enrollment is simple. First, identify which skill you want to master and then complete the following information and return it to us. We will then issue an invoice for the applicable amount. Once the invoice is paid, you will be contacted by Dr. Wallace to arrange your entrance interview. 

Programs & Costs

  1. Copywriting (6 months, $1,500)
  2. Coding (12 months, $2,000)
  3. UX/UI Design (12 months $2,000)
  4. Google SEO (6 months, $1,500)
  5. Data Management (6 months, $1,500)
  6. Content Creation (6 months, $1,500)
  7. Public Speaking (6 months, $1,500)
  8. Digital Advertising (6 months $1,500)

Complete Questionnaire

1. What do you most want to change today?

2. Have you tried to change this before?

3. What have you attempted in the past that didn’t work?

4. Why do you think it didn’t work?

5. On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to achieve change today?

6. What other areas of your life do you want to change (if any)?

7. Full Name

8. Email Address

9. Phone

10. Time Zone

Check off the areas you’d most like to work on…

___ Business

___ Weight Loss

___ Relationship (get into one)

___ Relationship (improve the one I’m in)

___ Career Change

___ Parenting Challenges

___ Other

Submit Information

Once you are done, email your Skill Choice and completed questionnaire to You will receive an invoice for the applicable amount. Once the invoice has been paid, Dr. Wallace will call you to initiate the entrance interview.

Pay your course deposit and hold your spot.


We look forward to working with you in the future. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.  

Best regards,

The Visionetics Institute

Support Team