Speaking Engagements


Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

Dr. Rick Wallace is no stranger to moving a crowd to take the type of action that leads to next level living. He is not only a successful author, but he is also an electrifying and inspiring public speaker. Having stood before all types of audiences, including youth, entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce members, he understands the importance of knowing how to meet people at their point of need, and he has mastered it.

While Dr. Wallace has a very laid back appearance in most instances, he is immensely intense in the manner in which he engages life. When questioned about his non-conventional appearance, he responded, “he who has the gold makes the rules.” Referring to an ancient proverb that defines his state-of-mind. Basically, because Dr. Wallace placed himself in a position where he is of immense value to others, he is able to escape many of the boundaries of cultural and social influence.


Dr. Wallace is a man who knows about facing obstacles in life. Now with global success as an entrepreneur, and rising success as a social strategist, he never forgets what he had to overcome to escape the multitudinous challenges of growing up on the inner city streets in his hometown of Houston, TX. In fact, he now spends his time travelling, teaching, encouraging and inspiring those he meets about how to handle the challenges we all face in life.

Dr. Wallace has compiled quite a resume of successful endeavors over his life; however, it has not always been easy. He is often contacted by leading companies at crisis point to assist and intervene in some of the toughest situations imaginable. One of Dr. Wallace’s clients called him in to talk and encourage staff during a much-publicized time of immense inner company turmoil. Fortunately, for all involved, it was a success, and one staff member even jokingly said, “Forget the Terminator, Rick Wallace is The Activator, referring to his immense stature, passion and focus on getting people to take action.”

Dr. Wallace began his life as a child who battled the feeling of abandonment, due to the fact that he never knew his father and he did not reside with his mother. Reared by his great-grandparents, Dr. Wallace made the necessary adjustments, excelling academically and as an athlete.  Instead of allowing his feelings of abandonment to hold him back, he learned how to face his challenges head-on, in an environment where his skills and strategies were forged in the furnace of cold, hard life experience, he learned the power of perseverance and focus.

Over the years,  Dr. Wallace’s methods have worked on numerous occasions, and he has gone from those fears of being alone to becoming a distinguished businessman, scholar, teacher, published author and powerful speaker. He currently travels significantly as a professional speaker. Ranked as one of the world’s top Activational Speakers, Dr. Wallace believes that in life, people need more than just motivation; they need to take action to overcome the obstacles they face.

And whatever he’s doing, it’s clearly working because each day and after every event, he is flooded with stories of how he has helped to change people’s lives, often in very significant ways. Many have attended seminars, conferences and private speaking engagements where Dr. Wallace worked to inject enthusiasm, passion, and the will to overcome adversity in their personal lives and in business.

Dr. Wallace is a living example and proof that we can all overcome our obstacles, no matter what they are. Perhaps that is why he is so successful? Because he’s real, gritty and very raw. Dr. Wallace’s message isn’t the result of empty philosophy, motivation or cheap hype, but it is the result of the idea that we can face obstacles with confidence and use specific strategies to overcome them, because as he says, as long as you have breath, you have life and you are still in the fight.

To initiate the process of booking Dr. Wallace for a speaking engagement, email: LifeChange@rickwallacephd.link