Visionetics 2020: 10 Rules for Success

Visionetics 2020: 10 Rules for Success

While it is important to develop goals, a plan and a strategy to help you in the pursuit of success, there are some internal elements and components that must be in place in order for you plans and strategies to be success in reaching your goals. You can have the best plan in the world. You can work with the best coaches and business strategists that money can buy. However, if you don’t have the internal discipline and organic passion associated with the following rules, success will continue to allude you.

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10 Rules for Success

1. Know exactly what you want
2. Work on your gift or genius
3. Accept no excuses from yourself
4. Make sure your value system is in alignment with your goals
5. Grind on G.P. ~ not for goals, but simply because it’s who you are
6. Educate yourself
7. Know your “why” ~ why are you grinding and pushing?
8. Create Boundaries for others and yourself
9. Be authentic and (transparent)
10. Make sure that you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe