Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

Guard Your Self Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!
Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

“Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.” ~ Jim Kwik

Due to the fact that over 90 percent of our behavior and habits are governed by our subconscious mind, it is immensely important that we guard the gates of our subconscious in order to carefully manage what enters in influences our beliefs. Our words and thoughts are immensely powerful in dictating our behavior, and subsequently outlining the path to our destiny.

“Your mind is like a supercomputer and your self-talk is the software you will run!” ~ Unknown

I tell my clients that our minds are the genesis of our destinies and our thoughts are the seeds of our future circumstances. If we fail to properly manage our self-talk, we will literally talk ourselves into a future filled with failure and frustration. What we say about our marriages, parenting, finances, careers and more all impacts how we perform.

Our beliefs dictate our behavior because no one consistently does what they believe will not work, so your beliefs literally set the parameters that determine the effort and energy you invest in any situation, and your effort will have a massive impact on the results you get. And, those results will serve to reinforce the original belief — leading to a continued cycle. These dynamics can be applied in the negative and positive.

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Power of Paradigms ~ Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!
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If you don’t believe that you can save your marriage, your effort and energy will reflect that and it will be witnessed in the result — ultimately resulting in the substantiation of the original belief that your marriage is beyond saving — culminating in a steady decline in the effort to work on your relationship with your mate. If you believe that there is some force stopping you from achieving wealth — that poverty is your lot in life, it will be reflected in your behavior, energy, and actions — resulting in poor results that reinforce the initial belief — resulting in you living in a constant state of lack.

Conversely, if you believe that you can save your marriage, it will be represented in the amount of effort and action you invest in working on it. The massive action and effort that you invest in saving your marriage will be transformed into corresponding results that reinforce the belief. The reinforced belief will cause you to work even harder building forward momentum as you move toward your goal of a stronger more fulfilling relationship with your spouse. This same principle applies to any area of life.

With all of this being understood, you can easily see why your self-talk is so powerful. Life is about energy and rhythm and when your self-talk is not in alignment with your desires, you consistently disrupt the natural rhythmic expression of your life. When you expel all of the limiting beliefs that are holding you captive, you will find that your rhythm and energy becomes more steady. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Purging Your Periphery ~ Building a New Inner-Circle

Purging Your Periphery - Building a New Inner-Circle

Purging Your Periphery ~ Building a New Inner-Circle

Purging Your Periphery - Building a New Inner-Circle

Purging Your Periphery ~ Building a New Inner-Circle

When I work with my clients, there are so many things we have to cover in a relatively short time, but one thing that is constantly inculcated into their minds is the importance of purging their periphery — getting those negative-minded people out of their inner-circle.

Because we are social creatures, those we allow into our inner-circle have an immensely powerful impact on how we think and behave — association brings about assimilation. There are minimal-minded people who love nothing more than whispering the sweet-nothings of negative into the ears of those who aspire to something greater than they are currently experiencing. It seems these people have literally made it their responsibility in life to show everyone why they can’t do something beyond what is considered ordinary or average.

Many times, these minimal-minded naysayers will be those whom you love the most, and they will often have good intentions, but intent becomes irrelevant when you confuse sugar with cyanide when making my coffee. Many times you will be working to improve yourself so that you can be a benefit to the very people that are constantly trying to tell you that you are crazy for trying. You will likely have to temporarily separate yourself from them in order to make the progress you are looking for.

Replace the naysayers with like-minded people who are at least headed in the same direction you are headed in. Also, it will important to include some people who are more advanced in thought and accomplishment that yourself. These are people who you will want to model your behavior and thinking after. Sometimes the behavior that you are modeling will not make sense logically because you have spent a significant part of your life thinking differently and seeing life through the lens of a different paradigm.

To get rid of those limiting beliefs that have served to keep you boxed in for years, you will need to create a paradigm shift — changing the way you view the world, how it impacts you, how you impact it and how you view yourself in general. When you are working to create a paradigm shift, you do not need people around you constantly attempting to reinforce the old paradigm you are breaking free of.

The truth is that the only limitations you have in this life are the ones you accept in your mind. When you are able to create a paradigms shift, you can completely replace those limiting beliefs with powerful beliefs that focus on what’s possible instead of labeling things as impossible.

Your thoughts are the seeds of your destiny — change your thoughts, change your destiny. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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