How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland

By Azriel ReShel on Thursday April 14th, 2016
How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland ~ A tiny pea sized gland shaped like a pinecone, residing in the centre of our brains, may hold the secrets to spiritual wisdom, inspiration and psychic awareness. The Pineal Gland is vital for physical, mental and spiritual health, while also being a gateway to higher consciousness.

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It is widely believed that the pineal gland is key to our spiritual awakening and psychic abilities.Traditionally, the pineal gland is said to be the third eye chakra, otherwise known as Ajna or the eyebrow chakra, which is set back and between our two physical eyes.

So what is the pineal gland?

It is an endocrine gland sitting alone in the brain, level with our eyes. The pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our daily and seasonal circadian rhythms. Melatonin is the chemical in charge of our sleep cycles and the quality of our sleep, and it also regulates the onset of puberty. Melatonin is responsible for fighting against free radicals. A decline in melatonin triggers the ageing process in the body. Serotonin, the neurotransmitter or happy chemical responsible for our mood, is transformed into melatonin only in the pineal gland. The pineal plays a major role in hibernation of animals, in metabolism and seasonal breeding.

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland
The third eye chakra is otherwise known as Ajna or the eyebrow chakra.

Our Third Eye or our First Eye?

Scientific evidence supports the possibility that our third eye, or pineal, was once our first eye. Under the microscope, the pineal is made up of cells that have the same features as the rod-shaped light sensitive cells found in our retinas. The pineal gland receives signals that travel down the optic nerves. It seems the primitive third eye functioned as a sight organ before our current set of eyes. The pineal gland gives a perception of the world around us through our senses. It controls the action of light upon our body and is located beneath the cerebral cortex where the two hemispheres of the brain join. This is the place where the brain regulates consciousness and interprets the body’s sensory and motor functions.

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland
The pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our daily and seasonal circadian rhythms.

According to theosophy, the pineal is an important psychophysiological centre or chakra and is the source of clairvoyance and intuition. It has also been described as “the principal seat of the soul,” and the portal to the higher dimensions, as the pineal, or third eye, provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Interestingly, the pineal gland has been linked to the production of the psychedelic DMT or dimethyltryptamine.

DMT is the most powerful psychedelic substance known to man. Scientific experiments have discovered DMT in the pineal gland of rats. It is believed that DMT is released during near death experiences, and this may explain the enhanced spiritual connection and awakening that takes place. DMT brings higher awareness and wisdom. The pineal and third eye, when awakened enable, us to open up to have visions, clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. It is vital to our spiritual growth and consciousness to keep our pineal gland clear and free of toxic substances. As we become more toxic and the pineal gland calcifies further, we lose our spiritual connection to higher energies and our oneness with all that is.

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland
The pineal, or third eye, provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

Why is the Pineal Gland blocked?

Through a poor diet, exposure to toxins in the environment and food we eat, stress and modern life, the pineal gland gets hardened, then calcified and eventually shuts down. It is also suppressed by electromagnetic fields (EMF) released by mobile phones and other wireless devices.The Pineal gland is especially sensitive to fluoride in the water. Fluoride, and other chemical substances like chlorine, are bad for the pineal as they deposit on tissues rich in calcium, such as the pineal. The gland calcifies when it encounters fluoride – these calcifications are known as corpora arenacea, or brain sand, and are made up of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate and ammonium phosphate.

Chemicals that are harmful to the pineal gland can come from everyday activities, for example, Fluoride is found in most toothpastes and tap water. Likewise, food laden with pesticides, preservatives and chemicals causes the pineal gland to become sluggish and lose its vitality and power. It is also believed that calcium supplements are detrimental to our health and that it is it better to gain calcium through our diet and calcium rich foods, such as almonds, leafy green vegetables and tahini.

Unlock the gateway to higher consciousness in your brain

It’s important to detox the body in order to decalcify the Pineal Gland. In today’s world, we are assaulted by an enormous range of chemicals, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Our poor diets and contemporary lifestyle are the main causes of decalcification. The Pineal Gland is very sensitive to chemicals and it is said that due to modern lifestyles, the pineal has shrunk. Indian Masters of the Vedic times were believed to have a pineal gland the size of a lemon. Today, our pineal gland is the size of small seed or pea. The primary goal of decalcifying your pineal gland is so that you can begin the process of pineal gland activation and awaken your third Eye.

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland
Today our pineal gland is the size of small seed or pea.


Detoxification is a two part process; firstly ensuring that no further calcification takes place, while at the same time, reversing the calcification that has already occurred. This may require some lifestyle changes, the most important one being to drink pure water. Other lifestyle changes are to limit or stop the intake of sugar, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol, and to eat organic, natural whole food that is not laced with pesticides and genetic modifications.

Some ways to detoxify the pineal gland are by including chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass in your diet. Oregano oil is also a wonderful way of detoxifying and encouraging pineal gland activation and clarity. Raw apple cider vinegar and pure cacao have a great effect on the pineal too.

Once we have cleared the pineal gland of toxins we can work on awakening the third eye. A simple way of activating the third eye is through meditation, especially meditating with your attention on the third eye area, which can be done in yoga practice and seated meditation.

Sun gazing was a potent way in ancient times to activate the pineal and third eye. Great Himalayan Masters practiced Surya Yoga by gazing at the rising sun with a silver coin placed between the eyebrows on the forehead. At dawn, the earth’s magnetic field is charged, making this the best time to meditate as it stimulates the pineal gland. Apparently, at dawn, the negatively charged pineal and the positively charged pituitary come together to create a “light in the head.”

How to Detoxify your Pineal Gland
Dawn is the best time to meditate as it stimulates the pineal gland.

Here are some other ways to Activate the Pineal Gland:

  1. Spend time in the sunlight every day
  2. Sleep in complete Darkness
  3. Commit to a  regular meditation practice as this will develop and enhance your pineal gland
  4. Yogic practices are very potent methods for awakening the Pineal Gland. Inversions are particularly helpful as they increase blood flow to the pineal while you are upside down. The practice of Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep meditation also helps to awaken the pineal gland.