Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

Guard Your Self Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!
Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!

“Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.” ~ Jim Kwik

Due to the fact that over 90 percent of our behavior and habits are governed by our subconscious mind, it is immensely important that we guard the gates of our subconscious in order to carefully manage what enters in influences our beliefs. Our words and thoughts are immensely powerful in dictating our behavior, and subsequently outlining the path to our destiny.

“Your mind is like a supercomputer and your self-talk is the software you will run!” ~ Unknown

I tell my clients that our minds are the genesis of our destinies and our thoughts are the seeds of our future circumstances. If we fail to properly manage our self-talk, we will literally talk ourselves into a future filled with failure and frustration. What we say about our marriages, parenting, finances, careers and more all impacts how we perform.

Our beliefs dictate our behavior because no one consistently does what they believe will not work, so your beliefs literally set the parameters that determine the effort and energy you invest in any situation, and your effort will have a massive impact on the results you get. And, those results will serve to reinforce the original belief — leading to a continued cycle. These dynamics can be applied in the negative and positive.

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Power of Paradigms ~ Guard Your Self-Talk ~ Your Mind is Listening!
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If you don’t believe that you can save your marriage, your effort and energy will reflect that and it will be witnessed in the result — ultimately resulting in the substantiation of the original belief that your marriage is beyond saving — culminating in a steady decline in the effort to work on your relationship with your mate. If you believe that there is some force stopping you from achieving wealth — that poverty is your lot in life, it will be reflected in your behavior, energy, and actions — resulting in poor results that reinforce the initial belief — resulting in you living in a constant state of lack.

Conversely, if you believe that you can save your marriage, it will be represented in the amount of effort and action you invest in working on it. The massive action and effort that you invest in saving your marriage will be transformed into corresponding results that reinforce the belief. The reinforced belief will cause you to work even harder building forward momentum as you move toward your goal of a stronger more fulfilling relationship with your spouse. This same principle applies to any area of life.

With all of this being understood, you can easily see why your self-talk is so powerful. Life is about energy and rhythm and when your self-talk is not in alignment with your desires, you consistently disrupt the natural rhythmic expression of your life. When you expel all of the limiting beliefs that are holding you captive, you will find that your rhythm and energy becomes more steady. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

The Power of Expanded Beliefs ~ Faith in Motion

The Power of Expanded Beliefs ~ Faith in Motion

The Power of Expanded Beliefs ~ Faith in Motion

The Power of Expanded Beliefs ~ Faith in Motion

The Power of Expanded Beliefs ~ Faith in Motion

It is time to reach into the power of expanded beliefs ~ faith in motion moves the universe. For those who have followed me for any length of time, you already know how passionate I am about developing the capacity to manage your thoughts and the beliefs that produce them. It is no secret that your thoughts are the seeds of your destiny, and your thoughts are the fruit of your core beliefs. Therefore, if you want to change your reality, you have to change your core beliefs, which will result in a change of perspective — a shift in paradigms.

While it may sound cliche-ish, you are what you think. Your thoughts are the seeds of your future reality — the seeds of a future harvest. As in physical science, the seed always produces what it is designed to produce. An acorn does not produce an apple, it produces an oak tree, and so, you can never expect a negative or limiting thought to produce a positive and powerful result.

The process of mastering your life begins with creating a paradigm shift that is supported by expanding beliefs that replace limiting beliefs. When have the capacity to create a paradigmatic shift in your life, you will never find yourself perpetually stranded at any point along the continuum of life.

An expanded belief is literally faith in motion. When you possess an authentic faith that underwrites the idea that all things are possible, you possess the capacity to move the universe on your behalf, and I am not speaking in a figurative sense. Everything in the universe is energy and energy responds to energy.

Here is the thing; like attracts like when it comes to the emittance of energy. It is called resonance, and what your energy resonates with is what you will attract. Energy is emitted in frequency and the level of the frequency determines the power of the vibration. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibration.

When you observe people who seem to experience constant success and maintain a positive attitude, they have developed the capacity to manage their thoughts and elevate the frequency that they operate in. Allow me to give you a prime example of energy resonance.

Have you ever seen a show or commercial where an opera singer hit an immensely high note and shatters a class in the room? As a kid growing up, I used to see this all of the time, and I initially did not believe it was possible until I saw it replicated in a science experiment in school. What is actually happening is the sound emitted by the singer has a specific frequency as it moves through the air, and so does the glass (everything in the universe is made of energy, even inanimate objects). If you were to take a tuning rod and tap the glass it would emit a sound, and that sound has a frequency, when the frequency of the singer is the same as the frequency of the glass, the glass resonates with the vibration and absorbs it — because the vibration is so strong it shatters the glass.

This is the same way that the energy emitted by your thoughts will resonate with other energy. Please understand that you can only access and obtain those things that are on the frequency you are currently admitting. If you want different results, you must be willing to change your frequency and that begins with creating a paradigm shift that opens up the possibilities of life in your mind.

I teach people how to create powerful paradigmatic shifts when I work with them one-on-one, and I also created a course that teaches people how to create a paradigm shift in their lives. The key is to invest in yourself to get the results that you are looking for.

You are the one responsible for changing your life, and no one else can do it for you until you become committed to changing. Change starts here! ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


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Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!


The one thing I can tell you with great certainty is that life will pay whatever price you demand of it. In the building of my core knowledge, I have studied all of those who have been able to have a massive impact on the lives of others, including the Dean of Success coaching, Earl Nightingale, as well as Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, David Bayer, Les Brown and more. I have anatomized and dissected literary work like “The Alchemist,” “The Science of Getting Rich,” “Think & Grow Rich,” “Awakening the Sleeping Giant,” “As a Man Thinketh,” and so much more. What I can tell you is that life is not happening to you; it is responding to you.

Unlike any other species on this planet, you have the power to completely change your environment, your reality and the results that you are getting in life. I teach my clients that your mind is the genesis of your destiny and your thoughts are the seeds of your future fortune.

Not everyone is in the same situation, some people don’t even have a clue of what is possible for them — believing that poverty and suffering are their lots in life. Others know that there is something better, but they confused as to how to obtain it. There is so much noise being made with advice and instructions on how to get it that they simply become frustrated.

No matter who you are and where you start, your destiny is in your hands, and you either have what you need or the capacity to go out there and get it. You are the results of your thoughts and the limiting beliefs that they produce; if you want to produce something greater, you must change your thought patterns so that they positively impact your beliefs and expectations.

If you really want better, you must raise the expectations that you have for yourself in this life. You must raise the level of what you demand of yourself. Simply put, you have to raise your standards. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D. is the Founder and CEO of The
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The Warrior concept and the Warrior’s creed is a concept and
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