Remembering Your Future

Remembering Your Future
Remembering Your Future

Remembering Your Future ~ The Ability to Create Future Memories

Remembering your future is a revolutionary act that will change your life forever. You are probably looking at the title and thinking that has to be some kind of mistake, right? Nope, it is not a mistake. It is one of the most powerful tools for life change there is. Our brains and our minds are remarkably powerful beyond normal comprehension. The brain is the most powerful supercomputer on the planet. Like any other computer, what your brain is able to do will depend heavily on the programs you download.

Unfortunately, most people are operating on outdated systems and erroneous programs based on faulty paradigms. In other words, most people download their environment from birth to around seven years of age. This is done through a conscious state of theta, which is very susceptible to suggestion. This is where norms and standards (human conscience) are established. It is also where a person’s expectations about life are formed.

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For instance, a person who grows up in poverty will likely download ideas about money that will not be conducive to building wealth. This will be true in any other area of life as well. So, how does someone who has a history of poor thinking and behavior in a specific area, overcome that thinking to create the necessary changes in their life? Simply put, they will have to stop consulting the past and start remembering the future.

It is actually quite simple. If you have a past in which you have done none of the things that you desire to do, you cannot consult your past as to whether what you desire to do is possible or to determine how it should be done. The brain can either be a record of the past or a map of the future. Most people consult past records known has memories to help predict their future. This is actually a very accurate tool for predicting the future. If you continue to consult the past, you will continue to get what you have gotten in the past.

What you have to do is use your imagination to create a different outcome. You must start to create new memories, not of the past but of your future reality. You see, that your imagination is so powerful that it can conjure up realities that can literally stimulate your emotions as if it is actually happening. The human brain and mind cannot distinguish between what is being imagined and what is really happening, so when you imagine a different reality, and you work to create clarity what you are visualizing, the mind and body will respond to it as if it is really happening. You have literally created an experience in the future. If you have created an experience, there is now a memory of that experience.

This is how you remember your future. You create the desired results through your imagination and you consistently live in them until they become real. The more that you do this the more your subconscious will act based on the new data that has been downloaded. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating future memories.

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