Rare “Black” New Super Moon

Rare "Black" New Super Moon

The End of Mercury Retrograde

Rare “Black” new super moon represents endless possibilities. On July 31st, there will be an extremely powerful and potent New Super Moon in Leo, bringing with it an energetic emotional storm that is set to stay for the next two months.

All zodiac signs will be affected by this lunar energy, but in particular, those born with Leo in their chart will feel impacted.

This Super Moon is classed as a “black” moon as it is the second New Moon of July.

The reason for the energy being so intense is that this super moon is the first in a series of three new moon super moons, with the second in August—and the third, which will be the completion of this intense energy portal, taking place on September 28th.

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Rare "Black" New Super Moon
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Cosmically, everything happens in sequences, and we have just stepped into one of these sequences—known as a super moon triad.

Unlike regular new moons—in which the energy lasts for a few days—the highly charged, intense, life-altering energy of this trio will be felt consistently throughout this two-month period. Those who are highly sensitive to energy will already have sensed the intensity in the atmosphere.

A super moon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth, resulting in the moon being approximately 14 percent closer than normal, around 30 percent brighter, and appearing far bigger in the sky. The moon is known to wreak havoc with Mother Nature, resulting in landslides, higher tides, and earthquakes—and these are often more severe when the moon is at its fullest. When we think about how the moon’s gravity affects the tides, it is easy to see how it also interacts with living creatures.

The gravitational and magnetic push and pull of a super moon can feel like an immense energetic onslaught and causes us to feel emotionally fragile at times; however, if we do not allow the energy to overwhelm and overpower us, it can help us learn some of our most difficult life lessons.

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This is most certainly the time to get rid of any habits, patterns, thoughts, obsessions, commitments, dynamics or material items that have been weighing us down and keeping us stuck in a reality that is neither healthy or serving us. Anything that no longer resonates with who we are and how we want to be living will start to dissipate before our eyes.

We will be cutting ourselves free from the low-frequency entities that we have become attached to and burning through old paradigms, as well as setting alight a crumbling bridge or two in the process.

This leaves a gateway for those who reflect the same passion and desire to exist free from chaos, harm, and destruction—and for kindred souls who share a similar passion for co-existing harmoniously and lovingly on this planet to enter our lives.

During this period, we will have a low tolerance for people who are only around to create dysfunction—or to continuously take, with no effort to mutually maintain and build the relationship. Those whose energy radiates with authenticity, integrity, and sincerity are the ones we will feel magnetically pulled toward, and we will discover that as we refuse to settle for less, people with pure intentions will flow our way.

This next chapter is intensely powerful for manifesting exactly what it is we want, where we want to be, and who we hope will surround us.

We will likely be feeling nostalgic due to the accumulation of emotional cosmic energy, so we may find ourselves looking back at our past in an attempt to find answers. This might look like ruminating on why certain relationships ended or why we are struggling to let go of relationships that are shrouded in heartache.

Fortunately, our intuition is at an all-time high during this new moon, so it’s the perfect time to go within and listen carefully to our inner voice. We have an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom inside us; we just need to silence the doubt and fear and trust that whatever we wish to know, we will find.

Those who are highly sensitive to energy will be far more susceptible to the impact of these celestial events and may feel overwhelmed at times due to the constant influx of emotional energy.

To combat this, it is important to process emotions or old feelings that come up and regularly discern whether the emotions we feel are our own or whether they belong to those around us. If we are absorbing other people’s emotional energy, we could find ourselves easily triggered and far more irritable, fatigued, and moody than usual—so it is important to regularly take time out to re-balance and ground ourselves.

This is an intense phase that will cleanse anything that feels toxic in our lives, which includes bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, reactive behaviors, outdated beliefs, and irrational fear-based thoughts and feelings that drain our energy and leave us feeling anxious and burnt out.