Strengthen Your Willpower and Self-Discipline

Strengthen Your Willpower and Self-Discipline

willpowerThere is no questioning the fact that willpower and self-discipline are vital elements in the life of any person that is looking to make success a constant in their life. In order to create a lucid flow within this article, I will use these two terms interchangeably from this point. Willpower plays an immense role in determining the levels of success that people will experience in life, whether at work, home, in relationships and more. Willpower should be viewed as the massive force that provides the impetus and perseverance to accomplish even the most difficult tasks.

Unfortunately, although the vast majority of individuals in the world are aware of the fact that self-discipline is necessary to achieve any consistent level of success, very few actually take the necessary steps to develop and strengthen willpower. According to the annual Stress in America survey, conducted by the American Psychological Association, the No. 1 reason people give for failing to reach their goals is the lack of willpower. This proves that people are aware of the importance of willpower; however, rarely will you find an individual committing themselves to undertaking the process of developing their willpower.

Willpower is an asset that you can view as a skill or spiritual muscle. I tend to view things from a spiritual context, so I view willpower as much more than a simple skill. I envision willpower as a spiritual muscle that must be developed and then strengthened through use.

Investing in Your Inner Strength

84 Personal Development ReportsIncreasing willpower takes on a similar process for developing and strengthening the body. In order to achieve optimal results, the training must be intense and it must be consistent. You will only get out of the process what you put into it. This is another area where a number of people fail. They take a lackadaisical or apathetic approach to the process of building their willpower. Subsequently, they train themselves to embrace mediocrity through practice. It is not what you say you want that matters, it is what you are willing to do in order to achieve what you want that will determine the final outcome.

In order to produce efficacious results during the process of developing willpower, it must be constantly in use. This is not a force that you can pick up and put down. Despite popular opinion, willpower cannot be effectively compartmentalized without diminishing its strength and impact. In essence, the question that each person must be willing to ask themselves is how far they are willing to go to grow. It will require a significant amount of sacrifice.

The problem with the vast majority of individuals in today’s culture is that they want something for nothing. Many make the erroneous postulation that they can simply wish their way through life, subsequently finding only periodic pockets of success that they actually have no control over. One must be willing to sacrifice pleasure and comfort to develop willpower, because willpower represents the very notion of that which is uncomfortable. A person does not need willpower to carry out that which is comfortable or easy.

The Beginning of Mastery

Like anything else, building exceptional willpower begins with exercising willpower over small situations which are within the parameters of what should be considered manageable. As willpower is developed, the issues to which it can be applied will be intensified. Willpower functions in a manner that is antithetical to capricious behavior. It responds decisively, and without delay. It serves as the guarder or character and integrity. Willpower is diametrically opposed to submissive behavior in which a person gives in to temptations and distractions. Authentic willpower is both, audacious and unforgiving. There are no exceptions when it comes to willpower. What is required is executed; no excuses.

The Common Misconception

There is a common misconception that willpower is something that a person is born with; you either have it or you don’t; however, that could not be further from the truth. Willpower is not an inherent trait. It is the totality of asserting self-discipline that is the result of a force that is developed and cultivated through practical application. A person cannot conjure it, nor can they obtain it through osmosis. It takes work, and focus.

I developed the “Developing Willpower 101” course because of the multitudinous individuals who sit in my counseling sessions on a regular basis staring at a history of failure that is inextricably bound to their lack of willpower. I realized that very few people have any idea of what it takes to develop and strengthen willpower. This training series provides you with video that can be revisited as often as necessary until a principle has been mastered. The process is not complex, but the execution of the plan requires commitment.

If you desire to live your life at the level of your design; overcoming the obstacles that are set in your way to achieve the greatest heights associated with your destiny, I encourage you to take this course. It could be the beginning of something great in your life! ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

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