The Power of Two by Eric Thomas


The Power of Two by Eric Thomas
The Power of Two by Eric Thomas

The year is almost over! Will the year end with the success you envisioned, or will you find yourself stuck–spinning your wheels? Maybe you’re trying to reach your goals alone. Look, you may think it’ll feel good to tell everyone you made it to the top all by yourself, but here’s the truth, no one becomes successful alone. You need a team, more importantly, you need that ONE person who believes in you, who isn’t afraid to tell you you’re wrong and who can sharpen you. That one person who makes you better by pushing you past your perceived limitations. Who’s your #2? Go into 2017 thinking about that ONE person you need by your side to take you to the next level!!


  1. Take out a piece of paper and create 3 columns.
  2. Write one name at the top of each column of a person who could possibly be your accountability partner.
  3. first question, How well do you trust this person and why?
  4. Second question, Is this person afraid to be brutally honest with me?
  5. Third question, what skills does this person possess that I don’t have, but need to succeed?
  6. fourth question. can I see this person being my #2? Why?
  7. Fifth question, do our values align? How do they align?
  8. Sixth question, have you worked with this individual before? Can you honestly see yourself working with this person.

After you have your list begin to narrow down the things that work and don’t work. BE HONEST. the person that’s left with the most answers not crossed off might be your #2. Reach out to them and have a serious conversation. That’s it. Let’s go into 2017 ready to take on any challenge with a partner by our side. It’s your boy ET! See you next week!!