Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Demand of It!


The one thing I can tell you with great certainty is that life will pay whatever price you demand of it. In the building of my core knowledge, I have studied all of those who have been able to have a massive impact on the lives of others, including the Dean of Success coaching, Earl Nightingale, as well as Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, David Bayer, Les Brown and more. I have anatomized and dissected literary work like “The Alchemist,” “The Science of Getting Rich,” “Think & Grow Rich,” “Awakening the Sleeping Giant,” “As a Man Thinketh,” and so much more. What I can tell you is that life is not happening to you; it is responding to you.

Unlike any other species on this planet, you have the power to completely change your environment, your reality and the results that you are getting in life. I teach my clients that your mind is the genesis of your destiny and your thoughts are the seeds of your future fortune.

Not everyone is in the same situation, some people don’t even have a clue of what is possible for them — believing that poverty and suffering are their lots in life. Others know that there is something better, but they confused as to how to obtain it. There is so much noise being made with advice and instructions on how to get it that they simply become frustrated.

No matter who you are and where you start, your destiny is in your hands, and you either have what you need or the capacity to go out there and get it. You are the results of your thoughts and the limiting beliefs that they produce; if you want to produce something greater, you must change your thought patterns so that they positively impact your beliefs and expectations.

If you really want better, you must raise the expectations that you have for yourself in this life. You must raise the level of what you demand of yourself. Simply put, you have to raise your standards. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D. is the Founder and CEO of The
Visionetics Institute and he is one of the leading life strategist and
business strategist in the world. His extensive background in human behavior, conjoined with his vast and in-depth experience as a business owner, allows him to work with his clients, as a life coach, life strategist, business strategist and therapist on multitudinous levels.

The Warrior concept and the Warrior’s creed is a concept and
tool that Dr. Wallace uses to help strengthen the self-image of his clients while painting a portrait of what is possible when a person is able to create a paradigm shift in their lives.
Dr. Wallace has authored and published more than 18 books that
address everything from self-awareness, finance, relationships and more.

You can get some of his more popular books at Barnes &
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The Invisible Father: Reversing the Curse of a Fatherless Generation
Renewing Your Mind: The Dynamics of Transformation
When Your House is Not a Home
5 Steps to Financial Freedom
Your Mind is the Genesis of Your Destiny
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The Power of the Mind ~ Conscious Reality Creation

The Power of the Mind ~ Conscious Reality Creation

Published on Monday, May 23, 2016 | Courtesy of Mind Your Reality

"Mind is the Master-power that molds and makes, and Man is Mind, and ever more he takes the Tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills,

The Power of the Mind ~ Conscious Reality Creation

The Power of the Mind ~ Conscious Reality Creation ~ Necessity is the Mother of All Your Creations: Necessity is one of the most important factors when consciously creating your life. There must be a need in your life for that which you intend to materialize. Ask yourself why you want something and the need (if any) will reveal itself.

How NOT to Tempt Fate – Just Keep Quiet!: What most people believe is to “tempt fate”, is really nothing more than an interruption of the creation process in ignorance of the time required for concentrated thought power to transmute mind energy into material energy.

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The Conscious Creation Process – The Three Fundamentals and Time: Conscious creation is the process whereby the deliberate concentration of thought on a specific outcome, gives rise to the manifestation of its corresponding form in the physical world through the transmutation of energy.

Understanding Emotions – Relax, You Ain’t Gonna Feel Happy All the Time: You are an emotional being. Like it or not, you are going to feel all emotions at some point. You cannot choose happiness without also choosing sadness for they are the same emotion and so are inseparable.

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The Secret to Effortless Detachment: Attachment breeds panic, fear and disempowerment which detachment transforms into peace of mind, certainty and empowerment. Detachment transforms your desire into your will. The route to detachment is faith.

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The Power of Belief – Take What You Want for Granted: The secret to belief is to take what you want for granted because to take something for granted really means to believe that it has already been given to you. It has been granted, it has been received – there is no doubt.

How to Detach from the Outcome: Detach yourself from the outcome you intend to see manifest in your life. Whenever you are attached to someone or something you effectively strip yourself of your authentic power to consciously create the life you choose.

How to Believe in the Present Moment: Believe that you already have your intended outcome in the present moment. This is not about deceiving yourself. It is about knowing the Truth behind reality creation and having the kind of faith that is the “evidence of things not seen”.

How to Use Your Feelings for Creative Visualization: Where imagination is the engine of your thoughts, your feelings are their fuel. The creative power of any mental image is determined by how often you imagine it and by the strength of the feelings or emotions associated with it.

How to Use Your Imagination for Creative Visualization: Your imagination is the engine of your thoughts. It converts your thought power into mental images. Learn to visualize your ideal reality in the present moment, bring your pictures to life and indulge all your senses.

How to Relax for Creative Visualization: Contrary to what you may have been told in the past, achieving your goals and creating your ideal life begins with relaxation not action. Learning how to relax opens you up to the power of the subconscious mind.

Creative Visualization Explained: Creative visualization is the fundamental technique underlying reality creation. It is the process of using your thought power to consciously imagine, create and attract to yourself that which you intend to experience.

The Essence of Reality Creation
“Mind is the Master-power that molds and makes, and Man is Mind, and ever more he takes the Tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills — He thinks in secret and it comes to pass; Environment is but his looking-glass.” James Allen

For a step-by-step guide on practicing visualization, I suggest that you read How to Visualize Success and Achieve Your Goals: An A-to-Z Guide!