You Are Built for This!

You Are Built for This

You Are Built for This! Your Current Reality Is Simply the Result of What You Chose to Focus On!

You Are Built for This

You are built for this. It is actually very simple; what you focus on is what you will feel. A great deal of our suffering is self-induced. We have trained ourselves to focus on the negative. We have an insatiable appetite for negativity. It has become increasingly easier to complain than to shift our focus and take action.

Yes, everyone has been through a situation where someone wronged them. Some of us have scars that run deep. Here is what I can tell you: The top tier of performers is full of people bearing scars. The scars don’t disqualify you from excelling. If anything they have prepared you to excel.

Here is where the problem lies, you are confusing fault with responsibility. Because what you went through was someone else’s fault, you think it is someone else responsibility to change your condition. Let’s be clear, despite what you have been told; life is not fair. In fact, life can be rather cruel if you don’t learn how to move on your own behalf and make decisions and take actions that benefit you. Your health is your responsibility. Your happiness is your responsibility. Your condition is your responsibility. Someone else may have put you there, but it is your responsibility, and your responsibility alone, to work your way out.

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Stop waiting on someone to save you and save yourself. God equipped you with everything you need to overcome every challenge you will ever face. You are built for the battle. Stop looking for a free ride. Invest in yourself, or no one else will.

You are going to be the determining factor in whether or not you make it to your desired destination — not your haters, not your detractors, not bad luck, nor misfortune. If you work on yourself, none of those things can stop you.

The question is: How bad do you want it?

Are you willing to fight for it? Are you prepared to work day and night for it? Are you ready to confront the fear that is pushing against your desires? Are you prepared to go the distance? Are you willing to withstand the vicissitudes of life that are guaranteed to roll into your paradise just when you thought things were finally settling into place?

Secondly, protect your periphery — your circle — from energy vampires that seek to suck the life out of your dreams and desires. There are people out there who have made it their life’s work to tell others why they can’t do something. Protect your energy with every ounce of your being. Energy is the currency of the universe, don’t spend it on things that produce no return.

I told a client just last week that they were not obligated to give space to anyone who had not proven themselves worthy. Your spirit is an energetic presence; thereby, it is highly susceptible to the influence of the energy of others.

For your spirit to produce high vibrational energy on a consistent basis, it has to be free of toxic matter, which means it must be kept pure of low-vibrational influences like jealousy, envy, hatred, anger, bitterness, self-loathing, ungratefulness, and more.

Not everyone in your periphery means you well, and even those who do may lack the capacity to be a positive influence. It is your responsibility to protect your space and monitor those in your spacial and figurative periphery. You must take an inexorable and direct approach to build a pure and powerful circle. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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