Visionetics Video & Audio Resources

Visionetics Video & Audio Resources

Visionetics Video & Audio Resources
Visionetics Video & Audio Resources

As a way of leveraging his tremendous work through is Visionetics concept, Dr. Rick Wallace is now offering video and audio packages that will allow people to find encouragement, inspiration and growth at their own pace. He is offering a number video series with some of his most inspirational and powerful messages.

Following are the first sets of the video series to be released. Continue to check back regularly for new additions. When you order these videos, you will receive them on a flash drive that will allow you to upload the video to multiple media devises — and even convert the format. Now you will be able to hear the inspiring messages throughout the day whenever you deem it necessary.

Now you will get to experience what is like to be in a closed room with this electrifying speaking, therapist and life management counselor.

Dr. Rick Wallace's Top 10 Rules for Success
Top 10 Rules for Success $85.00

Visionetics Video Series No. 1: Activate the Beast Within

It includes:

  1. The 10 Rules for Success
  2. Guard Your Vision
  3. Commit to the Code of the Conqueror
  4. You Can’t Soar From the Safety of Your Comfort
  5. Jealousy & Envy are Thieves
  6. Discipline Your Emotions
  7. Stop Accepting Other People’s Reality
  8. Don’t Be a Volunteer Victim
  9. Get Low to Go High
  10. Artificial Reality

Bonus Video: Transcending Riches to Achieve Wealth

Visionetics Video Series No. 2: Activating Greatness

  1. Raise Your Standards
  2. You Owe Yourself Better
  3. Your Potential Requires Activation
  4. There Are No Participation Trophies in Life
  5. Only You Can Live Your Life
  6. The Pain Won’t Last Forever, Unless You Quit
  7. I Can’t Breathe
  8. Turn On the Switch
  9. The Gizelle & the Lion
  10. Refuse to be Outworked

Bonus: Stay Hungry

Visionetics Video Series No. 3: Be Willing to Pay the Price for Success

  1. Always Do Phenomenal
  2. Make Sure Your Passion Wakes You Up Every Morning
  3. Everybody Wants to Be a Beast (Until it’s time to put in work)
  4. Hold Your Head Up
  5. You Will Always Get What You Are
  6. Associate With Quality People
  7. What Are You Afraid Of?
  8. Turn Your “NO’s” Into Nourishment
  9. Risk or Regret
  10. Walking Among Giants

Bonus: Develop Your Gifts

The 6 Pillars of a Phenomenal Marriage

  1. Developing a Broader View
  2. Protecting Your Investment
  3. Be In Sync With One Another
  4. Maintain Your Marriage
  5. Make Sure You Measure Up to the Set Standard
  6. Always Exceed Expectations

7 Steps to Financial Freedom

  1. Make the Decision
  2. Become Highly Informed: Know the Way That the Game is Played Before You Get in the Game
  3. Know the Price of the Life You Desire
  4. Develop An Asset Allocation Strategy that Supports Your Financial Vision
  5. Passive Income: Create a Lifetime Income Strategy
  6. Invest Like the Wealthy Elite — the .001 Percent — the Billionaires
  7. Take Action

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