Writing Your Way to Financial Security

Writing Your Way to Financial Security

Writing Your Way to Financial Security
Writing Your Way to Financial Security

While a great deal of work I do here is focused on helping people develop the right mindset to be successful, I have decided to offer some valuable insight and instruction associated with the world of business. While I hold the position that how you think is more important than any business blueprint, having a foot in the door does not hurt.

I have had the fortune of doing well in business over the course of my life — dealing in real estate, international relocation, retail, luxury car leasing, consulting, counseling, investing and more. I plan on using my past experience to help empower those who want to elevate their way of thinking and living.

One way that I have experienced exceptional and rewarding success is in the area of becoming a published writer. Not only am I currently preparing the release of my 17th book (placed with distributors like Barnes & Nobles, Sony Books, Amazon and more, but I have also written thousands of articles on multitudinous topics. I have written numerous published academic papers, course curriculums and social programs.

In addition to writing under my own name, I have literally written more than 20 thousand articles for my clients, many of which they published under their own pseudonym. I have written for content platforms who sell my work to third-parties. What I want to share with you during this 5-session course is how to start your own business writing for yourself and others. I want to help you see freelance writing as a business instead of a hobby.

I want to show you how to earn money writing with little to no initial investment (eliminating the excuse of not having enough capital to start your own business, meaning that anyone taking this course will be able to start a business that pays (based on your writing ability) with as little as a laptop and internet access (which is free in numerous places).

The cost for this course is $129.00, and to put this in perspective, I have several platforms in which I get paid $175 – $200 for a 1,000-word article, which I can research and write in less than an hour. There are some platforms and clients that pay more, while others pay less, but basically, you will be paid based on your writing capacity and your hustle.

We will discuss “writing” as a deployable asset, joint ventures, writing resources, 6-figure strategies, the power of outsourcing, training resources and more.

Enrollment for this course has officially opened, and in an attempt to keep the size of the class manageable, I will cut off enrollment at 20 enrollees and schedule the class. The classes will be conducted via recorded conference call and video conference.

Once the classes have been scheduled, you will be contacted to ensure that you have everything you need in order to get started.

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