When Your House is Not a Home

In this powerful book Dr. Rick Wallace engages the enigmatic issues that most marriages face, but instead of applying secular solutions to spiritual issues, Dr. Wallace comes straight from the only infallible source of true authority on the matter, the Bible. This book has the power to transform any marriage.
Listen to what Dr. Emerson Eggerichs says about the love and respect. This is powerful for marriages.
When Your House is Not a Home
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America has the largest dating culture in the world, but yet it boasts the highest divorce rate. To exacerbate the matter, the divorce rate among believers is as high as non-believers. Dr. Wallace engages the enigmatic issues that are plaguing marriages in a America in a powerful, yet succinct way.

When Your House is Not a Home wastes no time getting to the core issues of understanding God’s design for marriage and understanding your role in marriage. Dr. Wallace pulls no punches as he builds a theme that declares; it’s not about you. He takes the reader on an odyssey in which the final destination is a marriage that is centered on Christ and focused on glorifying God.

If you are struggling in your marriage or you simply want to improve the quality of your marriage, you will want to read this book.

Dr. Wallace did not reinvent the wheel here, he borrowed from some very powerful teachers, past and present, to bring together a conglomerate affect that is mind blowing.

You cannot read this book and be the same. It will change your perspective on marriage. It will transform your life.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs research and data was highly influential in the direction Dr. Wallace took in writing When Your House is Not a Home. Listen and learn more about the differences between men and women and how it impacts the marriage.

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