5 Reasons Why People Fail to Succeed in Life

5 Reasons Why People Fail to Succeed in Life

5 Reasons Why People Fail to Succeed in Life5 Reasons Why People Fail to Succeed in Life ~ When people come to me for advice on how to be successful in life, whether it is in business, relationships, spiritual growth, developing a healthier lifestyle, or any of a number of other things that they desire to be successful at, they are almost always surprised at my initial statement. From an experiential perspective, I have learned that most people have not even defined what success means to them. Their idea of success is immensely nebulous and ambiguous. So, my first response is to get them to determine what success means to them, something that is absolutely necessary to the process of becoming successful. If you don’t have a clear vision of what you are attempting to obtain, it will be impossible to measure your progress, and if you cannot measure your progress, you cannot make the necessary adjustments as you move forward — leading to capricious and counterproductive behavior.


Most people tend to define success based on basic and archaic concepts, primarily focusing on the number of zeros behind the prefix numbers that express the balance in their bank account. Now, while building wealth should be a priority, in and of itself, it does not define success, at least not to me. In fact, the attainment of wealth, without a clear vision, can be highly detrimental. Success should be judged based on purpose, and purpose is determined by design. When you observe the design of something that design is indicative of the purpose of the thing you are observing. True, authentic success is the fulfillment of your design. Some people are immensely charismatic, making them great influencers of those in their periphery, while others are exceptionally creative, allowing them to develop solutions to common and unique enigmas. When your idea of success is associated with your purpose, you will not have to worry about wealth as much, it will automatically pursue you.

5 Reasons Why People Fail to Succeed in Life

Once we move past understanding the concept of success, which will still vary with each person, there are some common inhibitors that often stand in the way of people living life at the level of their design. Following are what I consider to be the top five inhibiting factors as it pertains to success.

  1. You Don’t Believe

We live in a culture that is designed to shrink the visions and dreams of the masses, in order to develop them into non-thinkers, who can be easily trained (mis-educated) and plugged in where they are needed within the corporate power structure. Most people become happy with the minimal accolades they receive from employers in the way of raises and promotions; however, very few believe they have the ability to pursue anything beyond what they have been told they are capable of doing. They simply don’t believe they are capable of achieving anything beyond what they are already doing.

The human brain is a powerful predictive and problem solving organic system, that functions based on multitudinous feedback mechanisms. The most power feedback mechanism is the “input” mechanism. Basically, whatever enters the subconscious will initiate the analysis-evaluation-action process, which ultimately will result in a final outcome. Here is what is important to understand, when your input is predominantly replete with stimuli that negatively impacts your belief in yourself to accomplish a specific task, it will deplete your desire and passion to approach that task, creating a deficit right from the start. Simply put, it is irrational to expect a successful outcome when you haven’t been successful at convincing yourself that success is possible. You must change your thinking.

  1. You Have Allowed Others to Write Your Narrative

This inhibiting factor is highly apposite to deciphering the difficulty in achieving authentic success. Again, we live in a culture in which we are constantly being conditioned to fit into certain molds that usually benefit others more than ourselves. One of the most pernicious paradigms that pervades our culture is the “know your place/position in the world construct,” which suggests that there is this box that you fit in, and getting out of this box is absolutely unacceptable and offensive. People who display a certain level of confidence are often considered arrogant, and they are ostracized. The more docile and acquiescent a person is, the more accepted they are by others. Because of this dynamic, many people function through the proclivity to allow others to write their narrative — being more concerned with earning the approbation of others than fulfilling their own destiny.

The concept and philosophy of knowing your position in this world is transcended in its pestilential potential by the those who actually make it their business to thrust this idea upon others, and then enforce it with shaming, intimidation and scare tactics. As long as a person is consumed with the concern of what others expect of them, they will find it to be a Herculean task to achieve any level of long-term, authentic success.

One of the most pernicious phrases, when it comes to killing the aspirations of another, is the term, “Be realistic.” I absolutely will not allow that term to be used around me — it is limiting, choking the very life out of vivid and colorful dreams.

  1. Overwhelmed with Fear

Fear can be paralyzing in life. People refuse to enjoy the outdoors because of fear. People avoid investing because of fear. People are risk adverse when it comes to relationships because of the fear of failing, so they end up settling, or remaining single. Some people fear failure, or what others will think.

Many times people will be consumed by fear, but not clearly understand what they are feeling. The first step is to identify what you are feeling as fear. Once you become aware of the presence of fear, you will need to determine what is causing the fear. What are you afraid of. Be very specific in analyzing the fear. Determining what is causing the fear will help you determine the best modality for addressing it with efficacy. There are a number of different methods for overcoming fear, including the Sedona Method, The Now method (focusing only on the moment in which you currently reside, recognizing that you are fully equipped for everything that you will face), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and more.

  1. You Believe that You Have Hit Your Ceiling

This is a common inhibiting factor that stifles success. The truth is that the only ceiling that exists is the one that you personally acknowledge. While others will definitely suggest the presence of a ceiling, they are most likely speaking from their perspective and belief. It is only when you personally acknowledge the ceiling that it becomes real. Never allow someone who has already given up on their dreams to talk you out of yours.

  1. Confused about What Steps to Take

Often, people will have an idea of what they desire to do, but they will not have a clue as to the first step they will need to take to get things started. If this state of mind exists for too long, it will culminate into procrastination. Make a habit of taking action. While a great deal of gravity is given to knowing when to be still, very little consideration is given to the fact that success is a dynamic, requiring constant attention and responsiveness. Write down your vision, conceptualize ideas of what your success will look like, and as you visualize success, make you sure that you visualize yourself in the vision. See yourself succeeding.

As far as not knowing what step to take first, you live in the information age, and there is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Additionally, there are service providers that specialize in product and service conceptualization.

There are a number of other reasons why people fail to succeed. If you are a person who is struggling with achieving success in your life, I will be more than happy to work with you through one of a number of programs, coaching and counseling sessions, in order to help you identify what is holding you back. Success is not something that is achieved through passiveness, it is seized and possessed through an aggressive state of mind. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.




The Reason So Many People Fail to Succeed

The Reason So Many People Fail to Succeed


The Reason So Many People Fail to Succeed

One of the most common questions that I am asked is: Why do so many people fail to succeed? Another question that is becoming increasingly more common is: Why do so many people live defeated lives? In essence, both of these questions get down to the heart of the matter. While there are numerous stories about people who have achieved remarkable success, there are far too many people who have failed to reach any level of success, and the aforementioned questions seek to identify the common denominator for those who struggle to succeed.

Is it that some people don’t understand the basic principles associated with becoming successful? This is definitely likely for some of the people who are struggling in life. Knowledge is a key element in the process of becoming successful, but it is not the primary element. Another cause for the common and repetitive failure of many people is a proclivity to give too much gravity to the random opinions others. Everyone has an opinion about something, and many people allow the opinions of others to shape their paradigms and the belief systems that determine how they approach life.

Another way that listening to others can be counterproductive, is becoming fixated on the shortcut methods being spewed by self-proclaimed gurus and their followers. We live in a microwave society in which everyone wants everything right now. Far too many people are looking for immediate results produced by shortcuts and foolproof methods. The person who is looking for results through shortcuts, or foolproof remedies, will eventually become disappointed and deterred when things don’t go their way. There are no shortcuts, only detours.

Success is not about circumventing the struggles and vicissitudes of life, it is about being prepared to face those struggles with confidence and a specific plan for overcoming them. Success is the fruit of perseverance and determination. It is not the person with the greatest potential and skill that is successful, but the person who is most committed to their success.

For far too many people, the price of success is more than they are willing to pay. They have bought into the life-of-ease philosophy that teaches that if you simply believe you can transform your life into a progressive utopia, but that could not be further from the truth. Success requires sacrifice and commitment. Success requires the establishment of a list of priorities that determine the value system through which you will approach your vision.

Something that I often see when people enroll in one of my courses or hire me as a consultant or counselor, are those who have spent a significant portion of their life simply wandering around aimlessly without any real sense of purpose. Others are suffering from the pain of past failures and past beliefs concerning their ability to succeed. Without an understanding of what your purpose is, you will remain lost — often leading to indiscriminate dream chasing. The indiscriminate dream chaser is the person that is always chasing a cause or scheme, with a tendency to jump on the next cause before finishing what they started. What they have not learned is that without the passion associated with purpose, they will never experience consistent success because they will never become committed until they discover their passion.

Purpose is that thing that comes when a person becomes aware of their identity. It is purpose that fuels passion, and passion is that thing that drives a person towards their destiny, and finally, destiny cannot be denied, because its very definition demands that it be fulfilled when passionately pursued. You see, purpose is never satisfied with mediocrity, dwarfed goals or colorless dreams. Purpose demands that you step over the line that has been drawn by fear and seize your moment. Purpose does not consider failure, for failure is a necessary part of success. Purpose does not allow for tamed visions that fit nicely into the box that has been designed by the minimal minded.

Ironically, purpose is a force that drives you to do things on purpose, with specific goals and expectation associated with your actions. Success does not happen by accident; it is not an arbitrary occurrence. Success is always the result of highly specified intentions, intelligent direction, sincere effort and skilled execution, but most importantly, it is the culmination of a committed mindset that will not be deterred by delay.

When I examine my life to determine what allows me to win, the thing that stands out the most is I always answer the bell. The circumstances have not always been in my favor. In fact, there have been some times in which the odds were stacked heavily against me, but I answered the bell. There have even been times that I have been flat on my back, but I got up each and every time to continue the fight. Success is elusive to those who expect it to come with ease. It is elusive to those who listen to the random opinions of naysayers. It is elusive to the person who finds mediocrity to be acceptable.

Finally, far too many people have absolutely no idea of what defines success in their life. They have spent their entire lives chasing what others have declared to be representative of success. The way that I define success is the absolute optimization and the actualization of full potential. While a person may achieve many things, success is not achieved when potential is left untapped. Because I believe in purpose so strongly, I believe that each person’s potential is directly related to their purpose, and when potential is not actualized, purpose is not fulfilled. Find yourself, find your purpose and commit to fulfilling that purpose at all cost. When you commit to your purpose, you will not have to chase success, it will find you! ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.


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