3 Synergistic Forces That Produce a Breakthrough

3 Synergistic Forces That Produce a Breakthrough

Forces That Produce a Breakthrough

When people come to me searching for answers and solutions in the area of achieving success, there is one question that I hear more than any other — in one form or another. People want to know where does change begin. The simple answer to that question is change begins at the moment of breakthrough. For the purpose of lucidity, allow me to explain what I mean when I say breakthrough. A breakthrough is the point in which a person experiences an epiphany in which those things that were once deemed impossible are suddenly viewed as possible.

Due to the fact that success is viewed and defined differently based on a number of variables, it is important to present a simple definition that can apply to everyone. The most simple, yet solid, definition of success that I have ever seen was rendered by Earl Nightingale. He said that success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. In other words, when a person is committed to and moving toward a goal they deem worthy, they are successful — meaning that success is experienced prior to reaching the goal. In fact, the journey toward the goal can be as sweet as reaching the goal itself, when you have the right mindset.

Okay, now that we have an understanding of what a breakthrough is, how do we achieve one? There are three essential elements, that when combined, can immensely transform every aspect of your life. The truth is that mastering one can produce significant results, but when you align all three, they will create a synergistic force of change that cannot be denied.

All around the world, people are struggling with any combination of three issues that can result in unbearable pain when not addressed. These points of significance are our bodies, our relationships and our finances. There many of us who struggle with all three. Some people may have the blueprint for saving and building wealth, but they cannot do it to save their lives. Others have read book after book about relationships, yet they still struggle mightily in their own. The same with physical health.

So, what force can be so strong that it can thwart a proven strategy. Let me give you a hint. Tony Robbins often says that success in life is 80 percent psychology and 20 percent mechanics, and I agree with him completely. You can have all the right answers, but if your psychology, the way that you view and interpret your circumstances and situations is off, success will be unlikely. As I stated earlier, there are three dynamic forces that work synergistically to produce massive results in the life of any person, their strategy, their story and their state.

Have you ever met someone that no matter how many times you put the right strategy or answer in front of them, they could find a reason why it wouldn’t work? They will say, “that won’t work because…” They have developed the capacity to find every excuse in the book to fail. They have also developed the capacity to blame everyone except themselves for their current position. After rendering their excuses — I am not smart enough, that only works for the privileged, I don’t have the resources — they will then start to point the finger to place blame for why life is like that for them.

What these people don’t understand is that they have become victims to their own stories. One of the first things that I tell my clients is to remove the word “can’t” from their vocabulary. They are not allowed to use that word or any of its associated terms. When you use the word can’t, you are telling a story, writing a narrative as to why you can’t accomplish something, which is feeding your subconscious with a message that says you can’t. As your subconscious starts to receive and embrace this story, it will influence your behavior to align with this perceived reality.

The strategy is the easy part, but it means absolutely nothing if you are telling the wrong story. If the answer to your dilemma is sitting right in front of you, and you fail to take massive action to correct your problem, there can be only one reason — you have created a set of beliefs concerning this issue, and you have integrated these beliefs into a story of why the solution can’t work, will not work or only works for a certain type of person, other than yourself. This is what is known as limiting beliefs or a limiting story.

This story is so engrained in your psyche that you tell it often, but rarely recognize that you are doing it. There is one thing for certain, massive change requires massive action, and no one will apply massive action to something they do not believe will work. With these types of disempowering stories at the core of your struggles, it is almost guaranteed that you will not produce any efficacious results.

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So, how do people change after living for years with a disempowering story. It is simple, the people who make a decision that they are going to get things done decide to take a strategy that has been proven to work, and then they attach a new story to it. They change the narrative. They create a story of empowerment that says that if they commit to a goal and work through the process without quitting, they will achieve it. They tell themselves that if they can conceive something in their minds, believe it, and then pursue it, that the universe will conspire on their behalf to bring them that thing that they desire. They become determined to tell a story that says nothing good will be withheld from them.

The people who decide that they are going to make something happen, no matter what, will no longer look for excuses or reasons that their efforts will not produce what they desire. They believe that as long as they continue to invest themselves in the pursuit of their desires, they will ultimately have them.

Finally, the most important of these three forces is your “state.” State is a term I first heard used by Tony Robbins, and it refers to a person’s state of being or existence at any given moment. He used to call what I call “optimal state, ” the “peak state,” but now he refers to it as a “beautiful state.” Whether you call it optimal, peak, or beautiful, the most desired state is a state of complete harmony and equilibrium with self — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The more a person begins to move into states of disequilibrium, the more difficult it becomes to interpret life in a positive way, making it difficult to effectively respond to the challenges and vicissitudes of life.

For example, have you ever been extremely angry at someone, and all of a sudden, everything bad that person had ever done to you comes rushing to the front of your mind? The reason that this happens is that when you enter any state of existence, your brain will switch to a thought pattern that will support that state. This happens when you get awesome news that places you in a state of joy. All of a sudden, everything seems more beautiful and tolerable. Even things that might normally annoy you will be viewed through rose colored lenses. This is the power of “state.” So, you must learn how to control your “state” if you are going to effectively change your story.

This can be challenging because many people’s stories impact their state. What I do with my Elevation & Empowerment clients is teach them how to enter “optimal state” at the beginning of the day. This is done through a process known as priming. Priming is exactly what it sounds like. It is preparing yourself to receive what you want to receive by preparing your mind and emotions to effectively interpret situations in the proper context.

I am a firm believer that the best way to enter into a peak state is to build out from a foundation of gratitude. I have found that it is absolutely impossible to be angry, worry, experience anxiety or any other negative emotion when you have a mindset that is focused on gratitude. So, I teach my clients to start each day focusing on those things that they are grateful for. I also teach them that they should not connect their gratitude or happiness to any expectations, or they will be setting themselves up for failure. Some of the most capricious people are those who live their lives through the emotions they experience based on their expectations.

When it comes to expectations, no one is perfect, so everyone will, at some point, fail to meet your expectations, including yourself. And, if your happiness, joy and peace are connected to those expectations, you will be on an emotional roller coaster.

When you reach optimal state, you will possess the right mindset to rewrite the narrative of your life. Living in “optimal state” provides positive spiritual energy that allows you to consistently function at a high frequency, achieving high vibrations that produce efficacious results — over and over again.

Of course, no one is perfect, and so you will periodically find yourself getting frustrated, angry or fearful, but you must teach yourself to recognize when you are doing this and stop it before the seed of disruption becomes an uncontrollable monster. I have a 90-second rule that I will not be pulled out of optimal state longer than 90-seconds. So, when I get hit by a curve ball, or the vicissitudes of life roll into my paradise, I give myself 90 seconds to recapture my equilibrium.

When you are able to infuse the right strategy, the right story and an optimal state, the synergistic force that you will create will make you unstoppable. Nothing good you desire will be withheld from you. This is where you will discover that life is not happening to you, it is responding to you — meaning that you are completely in control of your destiny. So, what story are you going to write? ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.