Reclaiming Your Sovereignty and Restructuring Your Core Philosophy!

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Reclaiming Your Sovereignty and Restructuring Your Core Philosophy!

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty and Restructuring Your Core Philosophy

The moment we awaken in the morning we reach for our cell phones, turn on the television or radio — never realizing that we are giving away our sovereignty before ever having the opportunity to set our mental and emotional states. In others, we are allowing external influences to dictate how we feel at the onset of our day.

How you start your day will heavily impact how you engage your day and how effective you will be in meeting the challenges that you will inevitably face during the day.

The first hour of my day is void of external interruption and influence. I don’t check or scroll my phone — something I had to work very hard at. I take the first hour to set my state. Visit The Visionetics Institute site to learn more about priming (setting your emotional, mental and spiritual states at the beginning of each day).

The state that you are in at any given moment will impact how you interpret events throughout the day. When you are functioning at an optimal state — emitting a high frequency and vibration, you will possess a greater capacity to engage challenging moments without becoming frenetic and unglued.

Perception is reality, and how you perceive things will have a massive influence on your ability to effectively manage any particular situation. Smartphones are designed to create dopamine rushes, which make you feel good. There is a reason that most people cannot put those phones and tablets down. It is because they are literally addicted to the feeling they get when they have them. The neuro-association between the brain and holding the phone literally provides a certain sense of well-being just by picking it up. The problem is that the information (text messages, likes, dislikes, shares, comments, etc. can create negative responses if they are not favorable).

The earlier in your day that you experience negative stimuli, the more of an impact that stimuli will have on how the remainder of your day goes; however, when you take the time to set your state (With me, it is at least an hour before allowing outside influences into my world), you will be in a better position to manage negative situations while maintaining your your equilibrium. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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