5 Early Warning Signs of A Child With Mental Health Problems

5 Early Warning Signs of A Child With Mental Health Problems

The CDC says that suicide can be a result of the ‘interaction of mental disorders and other factors’ and as such, suicide is the second leading cause of death in adolescents. But either as parents, guardians or teachers, there are some warning signs that can be indicative of mental health disorders and when caught early, some of these disorders can be treated and dealt with. According to WHO, children who get easily aggravated by school, or peer pressures might have an underlying mental health disorder. Often, children who are developing a mental disorder will make excuses not to go to school or study. While bullying is still the number one issue in schools these days, bullying has become a severe threat to a child’s mental health.

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Constant worry. Children who are constantly worried all the time might be indicative of an anxiety disorder. As one mother put it: ‘Ella was a worrier. Every morning, she worried that she wouldn’t make the bus on time, even though she hadn’t missed it once all year. And every afternoon, she worried that she wouldn’t get her favorite spot at the lunch table, or that she might have a pop quiz in science class and wouldn’t be prepared.’ At a young age children should be carefree and worry-free, so if a child is constantly displaying signs of anxiety it may be an anxiety disorder.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, four of five adolescents in every classroom may be suffering from some form of a serious mental illness. Mental illness will then have an adverse effect on their academic careers and Columbia University states that mental health disorders can cause a lack of self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, poor performance in reading, writing and math, frequent absenteeism, repeating grades, and repeated disciplinary problems.


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